8 Items You Should Never Leave In Your Car

    There are so many amazing things about driving in the summer, but your car turning into a sauna is not one of them. Temperatures in cars parked in the sun can reach over 70 degrees Celsius, so you should avoid leaving items that are heat sensitive in your vehicle. We all know that things like perishable food items shouldn’t be left in the car, but the rest of this list may surprise you.

    1. Electronics

    Depending on how hot it is outside, and where your car is parked, electronic items will most likely be damaged if left in a hot car for too long. Digital pianos, for instance, can overheat, and if they’re not cooled down, parts of the internal mechanisms could melt. If you need to leave your electronics in your automobile, make sure to lock them in the trunk where it’s less likely that the sun will shine directly on them.

    1. Water

    A lot of drivers think that leaving a case of water in the car to hydrate on hot days is a good idea, but it could actually be dangerous for your health. According to Weather.com: Plastic material – be it a water bottle or a pair of glasses – can easily melt in your car. What’s more: never drink from a plastic bottle that’s been left in your car. Why? The chemicals used to make the bottles could percolate into your drink, making it toxic to drink.

    1. Glasses

    If you like to leave your prescription sunglasses in the car for driving, make sure that they are kept away from the sun. In the glove box with your driving gloves is a good place to leave them. Leaving glasses on your dashboard could damage and warp the glass, rendering them useless while you’re driving.

    1. Wine

    Corked wine bottles can heat up in a sweltering automobile and actually burst. Not only is this dangerous and potentially damaging for your vehicle, but it could ruin the interior, and leave an alcoholic smell for weeks.

    1. Aerosol cans

    Aerosol cans are pressurized and extremely flammable, and leaving them in a hot car could cause them to explode, causing damage to your vehicle and creating a fire hazard.

    1. Medications

    Many medications have specific temperature requirements (some need to be kept at room temperature, other in a cold place). Leaving your medications in a hot car could melt them if they’re capsules, or increase the potency of some medications to a dangerous level. As a general rule, you should always keep medications on your person if you need them throughout the day.

    1. Sunscreen

    Leaving sunscreen in your car could damage the effectiveness of the lotion, and with temperatures being as hot as they are in the summer, it’s best to take your sunscreen with you to stay protected.

    1. A lighter

    Lighters have propane in them, and when left in a hot car, create a dangerous fire hazard. They may seem small, but there’s no reason to assume the risk of explosion by leaving it in your glove compartment. Take lighters with you when you leave your vehicle.

    The summer is the perfect time for road trips and activities, so make sure that you’re keeping everything you need cool and at peak efficiency. Remember that any damage caused to your vehicle by these items is not covered by your automobile insurance, so be extra careful when packing for trips or a day at the beach.