8 Reasons to Consider Giving a Local Gift This Holiday Season

    Many people shop for gifts to give to friends and family this time of year. To make things easier, we put together a list of 8 reasons you might want to consider giving a gift made by hand by someone near you in your community.

    1. Shopping locally boosts job growth in your community.

    According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, every $100 spent at a local business creates nearly three times as many jobs within that community as the same $100 spent at a chain store. Independent businesses reinvest their profits in their local community and employees.

    2. Shopping locally provides much-needed exposure for your community’s creatives.

    Independent designers, makers, and artists have a hard time making a living in many parts of the country. But you can help give them more exposure by shopping locally. You can also help independent businesses draw more customers by shopping locally.

    3. Shopping locally helps connect with your community.

    We’re all becoming increasingly disconnected from the people and businesses in our community. When you shop locally, it’s easier to ask a question or compliment and get to know the artists and makers behind the items you buy.

    4. Shopping helps your community grow.

    Independent businesses in your community can be a wonderful source of support and inspiration. They often use their profits to help support organizations making a difference in the community.

    5. Shopping locally demonstrates support for local farmers and the environment.

    Regular customers of local farms, eco-friendly goods, and handmade items support these businesses. In turn, these business owners help to make their community greener. You can purchase environmentally friendly products like honey or birdhouses.

    6. Shopping locally gets you better customer service.

    Independent businesses – especially local shops catering to their customers – will know your name and appreciate repeat visits. That makes you feel special, which is a great reason to visit them again.

    7. Shopping locally helps keep your community unique and interesting.

    Independent businesses give you a way to support those who are making their community special and unique. Many towns that have lost their local businesses have become cookie-cutter copies of other towns across the country.

    8. Shopping locally keeps money local.

    Independent businesses give more than just your business. They allow you to keep your money in your community, where it’s helping to support much-needed jobs for local families.

    Each year, we start thinking about what to buy our friends and family. To make things easier, we put together a list of 8 reasons why you might want to consider giving a gift that’s made by hand by someone near you in your community.

    If you’ve been thinking about giving a local gift this holiday season, we hope that you’ll consider stopping by one of these businesses near you instead.

    In conclusion, it is always fun to shop locally. This year, as you purchase gifts, take time to think about where they’re made and where they originated. You may find that these make a great gift idea.