8 Rude Things Interracial Couples Have Been Told

    Even with the advancement in technology and civilization, a few things are still not fully embraced by societies. Years later, and people are still not open to interracial dating.

    Couples in an interracial relationship have a hard time from family members, friends, and society at large. People immediately start mumbling when an interracial couple passes by. Interracial couples can’t walk down the street without a few heads turning now and then.

    In some communities, all insults and rumors fly by, causing the couple or family to move to different locations. These couples have to deal with issues in their relationship and from society. Here are a few rude things interracial couples have been told:

    • With them for the money.

    When one person from the interracial relations is considered wealthy, people in the society tend to assume the partner is in the relationship for the money. While this might be true for some relationships (interracial or not), these remarks cause great pains in many interracial relations. This is associated mostly with black women looking for white men.

    People would rather bring in the money aspect than accept that two people can make a relationship work despite being from different races.

    • You’re going to have mixed babies.

    This is among the most common statements when an interracial couple announces their relationship. Everyone in interracial relationships is well-aware of this fact. They don’t need a constant reminder everywhere they go.

    • Which culture will your kids identify with?

    Others will go as far as to ask who the babies will identify with. Generally, people will assume that interracial couples should identify with one culture. Having diversity is what many can’t comprehend.

    • How did your parents take it?

    It’s wrong to make an assumption just because people aren’t so welcoming about the idea. Unless the couple tells you their parents aren’t for the idea, one should avoid making such comments. Some parents only care whether or not their child is happy in that relationship. To them, it’s of no importance whether you’re dating someone from a different race or not.

    • I’ve always had a thing for this kind of people.

    No matter how sweet or funny one might think they sound, this statement is all kinds of wrong. Telling someone that you’ve always wanted to date a black, white, or Asian just because they are in a relationship with one isn’t “cool.”

    • I’m proud of you, guys.

    Being proud of someone generally means they have accomplished something. Being in an interracial relationship isn’t an accomplishment.

    • I met an interracial couple once.

    When people begin with this statement immediately when an interracial couple introduces themselves, the next few words after that will most likely end up being rude.

    • You don’t like dating people of your race.

    This is among the hardest questions people in interracial relationships have to answer. Friends and families who, for whatever reason, think people should stick to dating within their race mostly ask this statement. This is mostly formed from a viewpoint that sees interracial dating as taboo.