A Guide to Choosing Kitchen Floor Tiles

    If you are planning a kitchen revamp in the coming weeks, you will obviously be thinking about floor tiles, which are the best solution for a wet room such as the kitchen.  There are, of course, different types of tiles that can be used for the kitchen floor, such as ceramic, porcelain, man-made and natural stone pavers, all of which have their own properties.

    Think Maintenance

    Some tiles are easier to clean than others, namely clay and limestone, which look like real stone and are easy to keep clean. Quarry tile is a little more expensive, and you should always research the make-up of tiles prior to purchasing, as this will enable you to make an informed decision.

    Online Solutions

    Rather than visiting a local building supplies store, there are online suppliers such as Amber Tiles, who stock an extensive range of quality tiling, with many different colours and finishes to choose from. Placing your order online means you don’t have to leave your home, and with social distancing guidelines in place, you can eliminate all human contact.

    Matching the Cabinets

    Ideally, the floor tiles would match, or contrast with the cabinet doors, and with the online supplier, you can brose to your heart’s content until you find the ideal design. When placing your order, make sure you have a few tiles spare, which should be kept in case you ever need to replace a tile due to damage, which often happens because of moving heavy furniture or appliances.


    It is paramount that the floor tiles have adequate grip, especially when wet, and if the tiles have a slightly raised pattern, this will ensure a non-slip surface. The tile supplier would have a section of non-slip tiles that are specifically for flooring, and with many colours and designs, there’s bound to be something that is perfect.


    The more expensive tiles are usually the best in terms of durability, and you could ask the store owner which are the best regarding durability. Natural stone is obviously very tough, and while it might be costly, there’s nothing quite like natural marble of granite, which will last for many years.

    Patterned Designs

    Some people prefer to use a combination of two different designs and create their own unique pattern, which does make the kitchen look special, failing that, you could select a tile that makes up a large pattern when they are installed in the right way.

    Easy to Compare Prices

    The Internet empowers the consumer, as you can very quickly find out if there are cheaper alternatives, as long as you do not compromise on quality. Price should certainly not override quality when looking at kitchen flooring options, yet there might be a slight price difference for the same product from a range of suppliers, and when you are online, it is a simple task to find out.

    If you shop online for your kitchen tiles, there will likely be more of a selection, and online suppliers are normally a little cheaper than traditional retail stores.