A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Illumination for Your New Home

Ambient lighting is simply the light that makes your home feel welcoming. A hurricane style table lamp with a glass shade can provide a great deal of ambient light to a family room. Many overhead lights also serve to provide ambient lighting. The lighting in general sets the tone of the room and therefore makes it a main factor. 


Task lighting is the lighting that makes effort easier. A lamp on your desk or your piano that makes it easier to read is a task light. If you have a kitchen island or a peninsula, adding pendant lights over the space can make it easier to prepare your food for cooking or serving. This lighting is an easy solution or fix as you can add whatever light is needed to whatever area as long as there is space for it to exist.


There are many technologies that can make task lighting more automatic. For example, motion sensors in your pantry or your closet may be all you need to easily get into the space, get what you need and get out without having to bother with a light switch at all. In this case, you can even get applications on phones for specific lights in your home to activate them with ease.


Accent lighting can also be used to great effect in your home. If you have a piece of furniture or art that you’re especially find of, you might use accent lighting to draw attention to the piece. If you have an extensive library, accent lighting directed at your bookcases can also serve as task lighting to make it easier to choose a book! This is also the case if you have a movie or poster room and want to add emphasis to those graphics you are so proud of.


Matching Light Fixtures to Your Home’s Aesthetic: Finding the Right Style and Design


You may have seen sparkly chandeliers and wondered about adding them to your home. Others may prefer a very basic light with brushed nickel accents. If your home has a beach house vibe, a wicker shade may be more appropriate. There are numerous routes you can go in this case but be careful as you do not want to veer off the vibe your home gives off.


Focus on the difference between warm and cool. While black metal fixtures are generally neutral, bronze or brass fixtures tend to be warmer and nickel and chrome tend to be cooler. Changing out shades is much easier than changing out light fixtures, so be consistent in your metal choice.


Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions: How to Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact


If you’ve undergone an energy audit and are looking for ways to lower the cost of electricity in your home, changing out your incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs is a simple first step. You may want to replace them as the incandescents burn out, or you can do it immediately for rapid energy savings.


Make sure you also use natural light to best effect. This may include adding mirrors to a space to bounce light around the room. Making sure that drapes are open during daylight can also lessen the need for electric lights. If a particular corner of your home is especially dim, a skylight may help. Adding a skylight is also a very easy source of light as usually most people with this either leave it open or add a simple curtain or drape to restrict the amount of brightness the light gives off.


Lighting can make your home feel bright and fresh or quiet and subdued. It also can add a sense of taste to your property with whatever lighting route you choose. Your taste will determine the best lighting changes in your living space.