A Guide to Choosing The Right Standing Desk

    Several studies have linked sitting for long periods of time with some health concerns such as low back pain, poor circulation, increased blood pressure, high blood pressure, excess body fat around the waist, and increased LDL cholesterol. A study from the National Health Service UK shows that many adults in the UK spend around 9 hours a day sitting, as they watch the TV, use the computer, read, take the bus, etc. Day by day, we are presented with more reasons to sit all day, which can eventually have a huge effect on our health.

    To reduce the risk from long hours of sitting, standing desks have been introduced. You can get the best affordable standing desk with all the necessary features to help reduce your sedentary lifestyle while improving your posture and your overall health.

    How Standing Desks Have Revolutionized Office Spaces

    More businesses today are beginning to look for ways to make office spaces more comfortable and productive. One of the measures that have been implemented so far is the introduction of standing desks, which has helped transform the office environment. It gives the office space an unconventional look and reduces the chances of living a sedentary lifestyle since most people spend most hours of their day at work. 

    Since the introduction of standing desks, employees have reported fewer low back pain or strain, loss of calories, increased energy to work, and most importantly, improved productivity. This has led to more businesses embracing this as the new norm, and some even opt for the sit-stand desk to help users make an easy switch between sitting and standing.

    You can get these standing desks for your company or for your home office but you must first understand what you are buying and the features to look out for.

    Know the Types of Standing Desks

    Before other things come to play, you must first know the type of desk you are opting for. There are several types and your choice depends on your personal preference. Below are some major types:

    1. Adjustable vs. Fixed Height

    If you would prefer a desk that you can adjust to suit your preference, then you should opt for the adjustable desk. The fixed-height standing desk will be used the same way it was bought, which might not be the best idea, as you want to ensure that your screen is at eye length when you stand to work. If you would prefer the fixed height, then you should buy the perfect size that suits you, so you don’t have to worry about making adjustments. However, with an adjustable desk, there is room for flexibility, as it can easily be a sit-stand desk. It can also be used by anyone of different ages and heights; they just have to adjust it to their size. 

    2. Standing Desk Converter

    This is useful for people who want to be able to switch easily from a sitting position to a standing position. It is to be placed on top of a regular desk and can either be an adjustable or a fixed height desk. 

    3. Exercise Desks

    Also known as the treadmill desk, the exercise desk is one of the best and most effective types of standing desks, as it allows you to work out your muscles as you perform your tasks over the desk. It is like every other standing desk but with a treadmill beneath, which is perfect for people who actively want to burn calories but are engrossed with work.

    Other Things to Consider While Choosing a Standing Desk

    After deciding on your preferred type of standing desk, some other things to consider include:

    1. Size and Lifting Capacity

    The purpose of the standing desk can determine the size and lifting capacity to opt for. If you need a desk for your monitors, books and other important items, you would need a bigger desk with higher lifting capacity. If on the other hand, you simply need an elevated laptop stand that you can switch to while at work, you can opt for small size and lesser lifting capacity. You should also consider how portable you want it to be. A standing desk converter, for example, would be easy to carry around. 

    2. Adjustment Mechanism

    How adjustable is the desk? Consider the height you want it to be and check if it can be adjusted to that level. Check if it has a separately adjustable keyboard and monitor space or if they are all on the same plane. Preferably, opt for a desk with the most available adjustments, so you can tweak it to your preference at any given time.

    3. Automation

    You might need some level of automation especially if you have more needs for the standing desk. For example, if you have two monitors on the desk, it would be inconvenient to adjust it to a sitting and standing position at will. However, with an automated desk, this can be done easily.

    4. Budget

    While you may have your preferences for a desk, it all boils down to your budget. How much you are willing to invest in a desk could determine how far you are willing to go in search of the best features. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive desks are the best but always check the most important features to see that they meet your budget and that you get value for your money.


    The benefits of standing desks go a long way and more people need to maximize it in this busy and largely sedentary lifestyle we are often caught up with. It is also important to note that standing for long hours also has its risks, so you should consider switching intervals between sitting and standing. Wear comfortable shoes to avoid sore feet from standing. You can also take little breaks to stretch your muscles or do some simple leg workouts.

    These tips highlighted here will help you make the proper decision while choosing a desk and ensure you get all the required benefits.