A Multifaceted Audience Needs Hybrid Events

A Multifaceted Audience Needs Hybrid Events

As the COVID pandemic has caused us to dramatically shift our business interactions, the virtual world has become the new standard. In person meetings and in person work life is a thing of the past, and we aren’t going back. 

The “new normal” is very much here to stay, regardless of the fact that so much virtual interaction makes us feel uncomfortable. We stare at multiple, large faces on screens for hours at a time. We’re forced to make eye contact with several people at once. We aren’t allowed to zone out in a natural way. On top of this we’re constantly faced with a mirror, which has done no favors to overall self-confidence. 

Regardless of how tenaciously we’re prepared to hold on to remote work life, it does take a toll. 

Digital engagement platforms are another area where virtual attendance has taken hold. Former business travelers are no longer interested in being on the road. We want the freedom of attendance without leaving our places of comfort. However, “Zoom fatigue” and other factors make in person attendance still appealing to some. 

For these reasons, hybrid events are no longer a suggestion in the business world; they are a necessity. Businesses need hybrid events to attract every subgroup of their target audience. They need hybrid events to keep up with the future of business.

The power of virtual events
Source: engagez.com