7 Advantages Of Using Sheet Metal Roofing For Roof Installations

    Longevity Of Metal Roofing

    Traditionally people have been making use of asphalt roofing that generally has a life expectancy of fifteen to twenty years which is splendid, but in comparison to metal roofing which has a life expectancy of forty to seventy years, it is obvious which option is the superior choice among the two.

    While metal sheet roofing is the more expensive option, the long-term economic benefit is unmistakable, as a homeowner doesn’t have to replace the roof after a few years.

    Sheet Metal Roofing

    Strong And Durable

    Steel is the most hard-wearing material which is why it has become a popular choice for roofing. The metal roofing panels won’t decay, crack or split and is insect and pest resistant. They can withstand relentless rains, snow, high winds, hail, and fire. Metal roofing requires little maintenance, unlike asphalt roofing which requires replacement of shingles every few years. Another advantage is that a metal roof can increase the market value of your property as buyers tend to consider homes with metal roofs due to the longevity and durability factors.

    Energy Efficient

    Vetcon Roofing states, asphalt roofs are made of mainly paper ingredients which causes them to deteriorate as a result of weather elements slowly. Homes with metal roofs have panels that reflect the sun rays away from home during Summer months which is very advantageous when you are trying to cut down on energy bills. You won’t have to use air conditioning as frequently as with conventional asphalt roofing. During Winter months, metal roofs act as excellent insulators, making them the best energy efficient options.


    You can consult with the sheet metal Perth supplier to specify what styles and colors you can choose from. Metal roughing is multifaceted and can be customized to suit your styling needs. You can choose between contemporary or traditional designs, and you can even request for the metal roofing to be manufactured to mimic the appearance of tile, slate, wood, shingle or clay.

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    Eco-Friendly Disposal

    When it comes to disposing of asphalt shingles, your only option is to dump it at a landfill whereas metal roofing can be recycled through a scrap metal company and repurposed. Metal roofing is composed of a high percentage of recycled material which makes it an environmentally friendly option. When the roof needs replacing after many years, a new metal roof can be placed directly over the former panels.


    Compared to the weight of roof tiles (approximately 900 pounds per square), metal roofing is lightweight in comparison (about 50 to 150 pounds per square).

    Easy Installation

    You can save on labor charges when the duration of the roof installation is done over a shorter period. Nearly all metal roofing materials are available in multiple-shingle sections or come in 12-to 36-inch-wide panels. A proficient contractor can install these speedily.


    There are many advantages associated with installing metal roofing.

    But it is vital that a metal roof is installed correctly and adequately. When the screws were attached through flat surfaces instead of raised ridges during the installation phase, it can allow rainwater to run down the roof and seep through the screw holes. A contractor must ensure that they make use of resilient washers around the screw heads to seal them properly.