Advantages of Working with a Local Machine Shop

    The Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain backups, and labor shortages are just a few factors that have caused many manufacturers to consider working with local machine shops and CNC machining services instead of distant suppliers — and they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results. Whether it’s Pittsburgh CNC machining companies or 3D printing businesses in Boston, local machine shops have provided their clients with tremendous value. Here’s what you can gain by choosing a local CNC machining shop over far-off facilities. 

    Faster Feedback

    Many factors go into taking a product from design to reality — and sometimes, input is required. Feedback on design for manufacturability (DFM) is critical in product fabrication, as the exact specifications often need to be refined. Some of the part parameters that your local machinist can guide you on are:

    • Surface finish
    • Material selection
    • Manufacturing method
    • Functionality
    • Temperature/electrical conductivity
    • Much more

    Local machine shops can give you feedback on the feasibility of your design and can do it faster than larger suppliers. 

    Quicker Quotes

    Larger suppliers have more customers than local machine shops and CNC machining services, which means they have many more clients to contact. As a result, working with a large-scale distant manufacturer often means a delay in quote times, which can slow down production. Surging demands and expectations for rapid delivery are forcing manufacturers to complete their product design journey faster than ever, so delayed quotes can become a costly expense. By working with a local machine shop, your quotes may come more quickly than ever. 

    Client Familiarity

    Everyone wants to be known as more than an order number, but in the manufacturing world, close relationships carry tangible benefits. Client familiarity helps manufacturers in several ways, including:

    • Design knowledge. Once local machine shops and CNC machining services understand the specifics of your design, they can build your product more easily.
    • Clearer visibility. A rapport with your manufacturer may grant you an inside view of how your product is made and this can further opportunities for improvement.
    • Future collaboration. Working through a design together often leads to the development of new ideas for future products, creating more business for both you and your machinist.

    Client-supplier rapport is much easier to facilitate on a smaller, short-distance scale, and working with a local machine shop can make the benefits a reality. 

    Faster Delivery

    The current supply chain crisis is resulting in many delayed shipments on important products, and this is forcing many manufacturers to look closer to home. Working with a local machine shop shortens the distance between suppliers and the facilities that make their goods, leading to faster delivery times. 

    Always Buy Local

    Local manufacturing is a selling point in itself for many American consumers, but the benefits don’t stop there. Faster delivery times, closer client rapport, and quicker quotes and input all help manufacturers bring their best products to market. Progressive manufacturers have already seen the benefit of working with local machine shops and CNC machining services. Those who don’t will get left behind.