AI Powered Insurance Card Detection

There are lots of factors which can make submitting an insurance claim challenging. The privatized health care system of the U.S can make for a generally confusing process. A big consequence of this is that almost 30% of denied claims are due to simple errors. What causes this can be simple human misinput, misinterpretation of the insurance, or incorrect locality submission. 

A big attempt at reducing these errors came in digital card readers. Now with a simple photo, you can capture an insurance card OCR with API with all information that can be taken and recorded. Although these readers cannot decode information, just record it. This is where AI powered card readers come in. 

New AI powered readers have the ability to capture, verify, and process insurance all at once. This not only majorly reduces the amount of time spent processing, but is far more accurate. What makes this possible is programs like Orbit being trained on insurance cards specifically. Doing this makes the algorithm better at interpreting insurance cards than even most humans..

What this offers is a program which can reduce costs for providers and those submitting claims alike. There’s less redirected claims due to error, saving providers money and time. And there’s less denied claims, saving consumers life saving amounts of money. The U.S system has its problems, but changes like AI powered card readers at least ensure it works.

The Smarter Way to Capture, Verify, and Process Insurance with an AI-Powered Solution
Source: OrbitHC