AI’s Role in the Job Market of Tomorrow

The world of tomorrow is beginning to be primed for an AI takeover in the next few years. The job market is already shifting in favor of AI related skills, and by 2025, 85 million jobs around the world may be displaced by this revolutionary technology. People that have not gained the proper technological expertise are bound to become unemployed as a vast majority of the jobs become automated. There will be a massive increase of jobs related to understanding AI technology however, and there are a projected 97 million AI related jobs that will be added to the market. 

The United States is leading this wave by a wide margin, with over 5 times as many new AI-related job postings compared to India and Japan, who are in second and third place respectively. Its AI hubs include California and Texas, with tens of thousands of job postings, but every state in the US is seeing the effects of the AI revolution. At least 1.5% of all job postings in every state in the union is related to AI skills. Workers who wish to retain their job and remain competitive in the market must develop their knowledge of AI with understanding concepts such as machine learning and algorithm development.

Where are the world's AI Jobs?