Alumni Networks: Opportunities for College Students

Did you know that universities with strong alumni networks are preferred by prospective students? This is due to the fact that relationships formed with other students and faculty members can be extremely useful when students are preparing to transition into the professional world. Having a strong network filled with other alumni can help students land interviews and even secure jobs once they graduate. Forming these relationships is important for students to begin forming relationships with current and future alumni as soon as they can, and continue that practice even after they leave university. 

When it comes to reaching out to alumni, it is important to make a good first impression. Relationships with alumni both academic and professional can be invaluable, so it is important to treat them as such. Remember to remain professional, and reach out via LinkedIn or email with an explanation of who you are and why you want to meet. Inviting an alum out for coffee or to a casual lunch can be a great way to remain friendly while learning about new potential career paths or how to develop professional skills. 

Establishing a good relationship with alumni can be a great way to get a headstart in the professional world. Learn more about how to utilize your alumni network in the infographic below:

The Power of Influence Networks
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