Ashworth Barnes Serves as an Inspiration to Others

    There is something special that comes with being an entrepreneur and taking a small business from the ground up. This is where Ashworth Barnes has set himself apart. Ashworth Barnes is a custom automotive entrepreneur who comes from Houston, TX. He developed an interest in motor vehicles at a young age and decided that he wanted to pursue his passion as his career. That is where he founded 713 Motoring.

    While it isn’t easy running a business, Ashworth Barnes was able to overcome all challenges thrown his way. Back in 2013, 713 Motoring was recognized by Complex Magazine as one of the top 20 custom car shops in the United States. Ashworth Barnes attributes his community service and his faith as his reasons for success in the automotive industry. He believes that by staying in touch with the local community and treating his career as one of service, he is able to best meet the needs of his customers.

    In addition to his career of service, Ashworth Barnes also attributes his success to his upbringing. He knows that it takes a village to raise a child and this is something that he learned at a young age. He was raised by a single mother on the southern side of Houston, TX. While his mother was a major influence in his upbringing, he was also raised by his grandparents and a host of other relatives. While he wasn’t always able to stay out of trouble, his creativity and curiosity contributed to his success with 713 Motoring today.

    After finishing high school, Ashworth Barnes went on to the University of Minnesota. There, he played football while also studying criminal justice while minoring in English. On the side, he continued to pursue his passion for cars. He started hustling wheels and automotive accessories out of a garage. This is how 713 Motoring got its start. Ashworth Barnes realized that this is what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing. Therefore, he started to focus on this full-time.

    As 713 Motoring grew, Ashworth Barnes focused on both the collision and custom side of automotive services. He partnered with an old friend and client, AK Manesh. The two of them realized that their personalities and partnership could lead to success. This is what propelled 713 Motoring into the prominent position that it is today.

    Without a doubt, Ashworth Barnes is an inspiration to others. His success is a lesson to everyone else who wants to build a business from the ground up. While he has had a lot of help along the way, his perseverance and dedication to his passion should serve as a lesson to everyone.