Barbara Stokes Works Towards Permanent Housing Solutions for the Needy

    Barbara Stokes founded Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC along with her husband, Scott. They have been extremely dedicated to working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to address the need for permanent housing solutions for those families who need help the most. Her company manufacturers homes that are delivered in turn-key condition so that home buyers are able to move into their new houses right away. These homes are very popular options for military families as well as people who are unfortunately displaced unexpectedly by natural disasters. Rather than provide only temporary shelters for those in need, Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC works to manufacture quality solutions so that families can become part of sustainable communities wherever they need to live. All homes built by Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC undergo a rigorous testing and inspection process to ensure that the highest quality standards are met on each project.

    There is nothing ordinary about the innovative housing work that Barbara Stokes is doing through her company. She has been challenged to find unusual solutions to real-world problems in designing and constructing durable structures for military installations and major housing complexes for school campuses. There is no challenge too big or small for this inspiring entrepreneur. She has shared that one of the secrets to her massive success has been to surround herself with talented people who have all earned her trust. She places a huge emphasis on listening to advice from trusted family members and following her gut for all major business decisions.

    When asked about how she finds constant inspiration to continue doing the important work that she does on a daily basis, Stokes responded that she always looks for ways to give back to causes that she cares about. Additionally, Stokes thinks that it is very important to balance work with spending time with family as much as possible. She makes a point of volunteering at her kids’ schools and often extends her work days long into the night so that she can make time to see her children as much as possible during the day. Stokes definitely has a work ethic unlike most others and has been putting all of her creative energy to good use by being a perpetual problem solver.

    One of the business issues that Stokes is very passionate about is finding opportunities for women to continue to lead the way in STEM-based fields. She says that part of her initial success in securing so many government contracts is that she runs a woman-owned business. She advises anyone looking to start their own company to look into the many resources and programs that the Small Business Association has to offer. Although it can be incredibly rewarding to launch a business from scratch, Stokes says it is crucial to marshal all of your resources so that you make as informed a leap as possible.

    In addition to leading the way in making housing options more affordable for American families from all backgrounds, Stokes has made important contributions in improving corporate culture. While she subscribes to a work-life balance philosophy, Stokes says that she also finds ways to encourage a bit of a blend in the office so that team members feel more comfortable during the work day. She is a big supporter of team lunches and bonding activities. She thinks that it is vital to make sure that each team member feels invested in the success of the company by being asked to contribute to their potential. Stokes says that the most valuable resource within her company is the human potential.