Bartending for Holiday Cash

    It’s that time of year again, where giving is highest and many wallets are turning up empty. For those looking to make a few extra bucks on the side, bartending can be a great part-time option. With the influx of holiday parties and overall merriment, job openings and cash tips are sure to be plentiful.

    More than just mixing drinks, bartending is an art of a variety of skills. Combining psychology, management skills, chemistry, and math, it is sure to be a profession that keeps one on their toes. Naturally, night owls best suited for this type of job since the most amount of work is available in the evening hours. The work schedule is ideal for those seeking to add a part-time job onto their usual daytime gig.

    Believe it or not, there are actually bartending schools available for those who take their drink-mixing skills seriously. These schools also provide basic training on point of sale systems and cash handling, as wells as assistance finding a job upon graduation. Online bartending schools provide knowledge for individuals who don’t have the time to pursue an in-person school due to a full-time job or other obligation.

    How much bartending school costs depends on where one attends. Most cost a few hundred dollars, so it is best to look into what the school teaches to determine if it is a good fit and worth the investment. Some are offered online, which provide a base knowledge, while others are in-person, offering a more well-rounded approach with knowledge and practical application.

    Although the bartending school is a good option for some, others opt to work their way up the ladder the old-fashioned way. Many bartenders started out as a barback, dishwasher, waiter, or other similar position. It allows them to pick up experience and on the job training before entering the bartending realm. Since bartenders often run the show, understanding the overall function of the team supporting them is extremely beneficial and paramount to the overall success of the business- not to mention tips! If the customers are happy, they let you know by the amount of the tip that they leave.

    According to bartender Jessica Stang, learning how to be efficient while controlling a crowd is vital. “The ability to be fast and efficient, while still interacting with customers. Being kind and outgoing, while still keeping control because with alcohol, things can get out of control fast.” Making drinks in a controlled environment is much different than doing so in a chaotic bar scene.

    For those who are good under pressure and enjoy being around people, bartending could be an ideal way to make some extra cash around the holiday season. Whether attending a bartending school in preparation or working their way up the ladder from another position, landing a job as bartender seems to be the most valued and respected title in the house.