Simple Beauty Tips For A Fabulous Look

    Asian is the largest continent out of the 7 continents of the world. Consisting of 48 countries spread across this highest populous continent, most are sunshine countries except for Russia, Turkey, and Kazakhstan as these 3 countries are partly sharing land in Europe. Asians are known to love their sunshine, and the lovely suntan can see this kissed skin loved by the world. Here are simple beauty tips that can help you to look your stunning best.

    Asian Skin Tones

    Asian skin tones are vividly different in the many countries that are part of the largest continent. From porcelain white to soft pink, shades of earthy brown to mildly toned yellowish hues. Depending on the location of a country near to the Equator, the exposure to bright Sun rays varies creating thereby unique looking skin tones to suit the climate. Sun rays are an essential source of natural Vitamin D and UV rays too. Sunshine gives a good feeling to the body however at the same time; it also has side effects due to the Ozone layer depletion letting the UV rays attack the skin.


    Suntan also has to be avoided as longer daily exposure to harsh Sun and tanning can lead to many skin ailments.

    Tips For Avoiding Sun Tan And Skin Problems

    • Always wear good quality sunscreen lotions with SPF 50 and above, before leaving the house.
    • Carry a scarf to cover your hair and neck when moving outdoors in the middle of the afternoon. Sun shines at it peak powers during this time of the day.
    • Wash your face with mild cleansers to avoid further drying of your skin post-exposure to direct sun for long periods.
    • Use a good moisturizer on your skin post wash.
    • Use a mild anti-tan cream to help your skin recover from burns if any
    • Prevention is always a better measure so use good quality products that will enhance your beauty while providing additional benefits of skin protection from the harmful UV sun rays

    Looking Good Has Never Been So Easy

    While taking precautions has never been harmful, though when choosing to buy makeup products ensure that quality is never compromised for price. Use of cheap products available in discounts and bulk need to be reviewed for their consumer feedback to avoid causing skin reactions and allergies. Online shopping options provide a full market range of products that can confuse even the most avid shopper when it comes to skin care and make up products.

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