Becoming an Australian Citizen – Tips To Pass the Test

    If you want to become an Australian citizen, you need first to pass the Australian citizenship test. You have to know essential things and as much as a possible master to ace the test. It will help a lot if you are going to practice for a citizenship test. The usual test was already amended on the 17th of November last year. The changes are as follows:

    • There is the addition of Australian values, which requires the applicants to understand and recognize Australian values deeply.
    • The applicants should also understand the significance of democracy and the rule of law.
    • There are 20 questions with five questions on Australian values. The applicant must perfect the five questions regarding Australian values.

    To help the applicants ace the exam, the following has to be given attention:

    • Read the Australian Citizenship Test Resource Book 

    This resource book will give you all the essential things you need to know to pass the test. It contains information about Australia’s democratic beliefs, laws, privileges of citizenship, and the government as a whole.

    • Online practice test 

    If you are resourceful enough, you will find websites that offer Australian citizenship practice. Take advantage of these sites as the questions in the actual test are the same. There could be differences in how the questions are structured, but the thoughts are the same.

    • Get to know the Australian culture 

    It would be beneficial on your end if you are going to immerse yourself in Australian culture. It is not enough to read books about Australia’s culture and history, but you also need to interact with the people at the grassroots. Having a grasp of the Australian culture and language will help you learn the culture by heart.

    • Work on your English 

    As we are all aware, English is Australia’s first language. If you want to become an Australian citizen, it must have a proper grasp of the English language. If English is not your first language, you will surely have a hard time comprehending the exam questions. To be certain you pass the Australian citizenship test, you have to work on your English. Take a course or a review of the English language, which can be done online and face-to-face. You will be able to interact with other people who also learn the language.

    • Practice time management – Although the questions are only 20 items, your thoughts could be all over the place, and you will eventually lose track of time. In the test and in everything you do, you have to practice managing your time. It will help in passing the citizenship test and help make your transition to Australia easy. It would take a lot of practice, but once you master it, everything would be easy.

    Before you take the Australian citizenship test, make sure you are 100% prepared. Learn everything you must and know and understand the culture by heart. Only then will you be able to ace the test.