Benefits Cloud Computing Brings to Remote Teams

    Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies in the US were beginning to experiment with digital infrastructure, knowing that it could potentially save money and improve productivity.

    Solutions such as cloud hosting and collaboration software were already starting to be used before the pandemic took hold. Now, the need for these technologies has been accelerated. We’ll take a look at some of the advantages cloud computing offers remote teams. 

    Work from Anywhere

    With cloud computing, all you need is an internet connection in order to access work files and programs. This means employees can operate from home or even while traveling, not only reducing company overheads and increasing productivity but also improving employee morale.

    But that’s not all; cloud computing also allows you to update, save, and temporarily download files for offline use on any device, further improving location flexibility. 

    Guarantee File Security

    Cybersecurity must be a top priority for companies making the switch to digital workplaces. With so many companies transitioning so quickly to remote work, cyber criminals are ready and waiting to exploit the vulnerabilities that are overlooked in the chaos.

    Cloud solutions are the most reliable way of setting up a secure network with restricted but efficient access to the data you need. When you work with a cloud service provider, you can receive single sign-on protocols, multi-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, and the latest firewalls to prevent data breaches.

    Collaborate in Real Time

    At one time, email was considered to be an efficient means of communication—and it still has its place. But today, employees need a form of communication that encourages real-time responses and immediate collaboration.

    A unified cloud platform can allow instant text and video messaging, file sharing, and a range of cloud-based tools that everyone can use. Having your entire team on the same platform, working together with the same tools is highly advantageous and is shown to boost productivity. 

    Prepare Against Disasters

    Cybersecurity is a big concern for digital businesses, but it isn’t the only threat to important files and data. When stored on physical servers or devices, data is at risk of being destroyed by natural disasters like fires or floods or even employee error. And transporting office equipment home in the transition to remote work certainly increases the odds of devices being dropped or stolen, along with the essential data stored on them.

    A cloud computing service can provide secure backups that keep a consistent, updated copy of all your essential information. So, if disaster does strike, you’ll have a backup plan.

    Keep Future Growth in Mind

    Gone are the days when an extensive budget is needed to set up a computer network for your operation. You no longer need an expensive room full of mainframe computers; you can simply sign up to a cloud computing service and gain all of the advantages of a sophisticated digital network supported by a team of IT experts from an IT Company in Orange County for a fraction of the cost.

    The beauty of this model is not only in the price and convenience, it is also easily scalable, with virtually limitless storage available based on your business needs.

    Altogether, switching operations to the cloud is a smart move for business, and one that’s gaining more and more traction as organizations recognize the benefits for remote teams.