Best Apps to Stop Spam Calls

People get annoying spam calls almost every day and this can be very annoying if you are already frustrated. If you are an iPhone user, you might find their different features that can help you get rid of unwanted calls and have a pleasant, stress-free experience. Many apps are created to block spam calls and filter unwanted calls and make you part of the community and put an end to phone spam and other activities. 

One of the reasons for using spam call blocking apps and other related apps is to secure yourself as sometimes these might become a glitch in your security and might be dangerous for a friend or your property. You can download the following apps and get the peace of mind that you want using Spectrum internet. You can still order Spectrum’s internet services if you do not understand English using Spectrum español and talk to a Spanish speaking representative who can guide you through the process. So let’s get to know some of the spam blocking apps and help create a more secure peaceful environment for yourself and your family: 

Mr. Number Lookup and Call Blocker 

The app provides users with a fast way to lookup phone numbers and includes a wide range of features including managing calls and contacts, protect themselves from scams and spoofed phone numbers. To get this done, the app uses an industry-leading spam detection tech that is always available in the background and gets you a robocall-free experience. While using the app you can create a personal blocklist and even gets you to configure the app to block calls automatically  

AppStore Rating: 4.6


This is one of the best tools that gets you free spam alerts and blocks away fraudulent phone calls. You can see the true caller ID so that you can always be aware of who is there on the other end of the line. The app is reliable and uses the phone spam protection engine that automatically identifies spam calls and blocks them. Also, the app helps you get automatic alerts and helps you get access to the Hiya community where you can report spammers. The app is very smart 

AppStore Rating: 4.6

Robo Shield

The app is very useful if you want to stop annoying spammy calls and uses a smart call blocking system by Pango which is trusted by more than 650 million users throughout the world. You can use some exceptional features like Custom Call Blocking that helps you create a customized blocklist and is also equipped with scam protection and identification system that gets you access to a database of suspicious numbers and blocks unwanted calls. One of the unique things about the app is that the app’s database gets updated round the clock so that users can have the most accurate information the best call protection system and many other cool features. 

AppStore Rating: 4.5

Nomorobo Robocall Blocking 

The app is one of the best tools that can block robocalls, spam texts, phone scammers, and other calls that might disturb you when you are in the middle of something important or might be a threat to your life. The app has a 14-day trial and you can pay a certain amount afterward to use the app. The app has some useful features including real-time protection from more than 2,500,000 robocalls and can identify more than 1500 new robocallers daily. The app is one of the widely used apps and gets you more features and privacy options being an iPhone user. 

AppStore Rating:  4.5

Final Words

You can use many of these apps if you are someone who is fed up with spammy calls from telemarketers and other businesses. These apps offer privacy and security as robocallers and other calls might be dangerous to you and your loved ones and may cause a threat to your property. Many of these apps offer limited features in the free version but you can always pay a certain amount and get more security features that might be useful to you.