Best Windshield Repair Kits

    When it comes to cosmetic damages on a car, there’s no greater eyesore than a chip or crack in the windshield. This is especially true because you see it every time you get behind the wheel, compared to a scratch on the bumper you might only noticed once in a while.

    These damages are ugly and annoying, but they grow over time. Before long, that tiny crack can turn into an enormous fracture stretching across your entire windshield. Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY kits on the market to help you repair your windshield before things get worse. Here are the best of the best.

    Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

    You can use this kit to treat any type of laminated windshield, which most vehicles have. It minimizes the appearance of that tiny eyesore and stops it from spreading. You’ll get a bottle of resin repair, the device used to apply it, a razor blade for smoothing, and curing strips in one package.

    Just follow the included instructions and you’ll have this DIY project finished like a professional in no time. Essentially, you’re just injecting the resin into the cracks while displacing the air within. UV light from the sun does the rest of the job for you. However, you shouldn’t use this kit on large holes or cracks over 12 inches long.

    3M Windshield Repair Kit

    3M is a popular brand with longstanding reputation in all sorts of industries, making it a top choice. Best of all, their products come at an exceptionally reasonable price without sacrificing quality. The application process is similar to the Rain-X kit, and 3M’s kit is also designed to treat smaller holes and cracks. It’s best to pick either up proactively, having them ready if you do need them.

    Clearshield Auto Glass Repair Kit

    This toolbox-sized tub is loaded with top-quality, heavy duty tools for hardcore repairs. Depending on the size of each repair, you can get roughly 200 uses out of this Clearshield kit. In addition to everything found in the quick repair kits, this one includes:

    •         A metal bridge to properly align your windshield and tools
    •         A professional applicator
    •         100 curing squares
    •         20 drill bits
    •         And an ultraviolet light for additional curing

    While this is the most professional kit on the market, capable of handling large cracks and holes, you’ll need a little professional know-how to use it. Otherwise, you might cause further damage. Ask a professional if you know one or rely on YouTube for information on how to make major repairs properly. This kit is expensive, making it best suited for someone who regularly runs into this issue.

    Why Use a Repair Kit?

    While those three options are the top picks on the market, there are various other simple fix kits you can buy. Choosing a repair kit is an excellent option for a few reasons. First, it can help you save a ton of cash by making small repairs yourself. The results are also fast and you can prevent the issue from getting worse and costing you even more at an autobody shop.

    Most importantly, however, is safety. Damages to your windshield can decrease your ability to see properly while driving, leading to the need for a San Francisco wrongful death attorney. If a hole or crack gets bad enough, it can cause the windshield to break inwards while you’re driving.

    Either situation can lead to a potentially fatal end. So, it’s best to make the minor repair before something happens. If all else fails or you don’t feel comfortable making the repair yourself, take your vehicle to a shop for the repair as soon as possible.