Birthday Ideas for Teenage Girls

    Birthdays tend to get trickier as your kids get older. Pre-teens and teens are more concerned with impressing their friends than almost anything else; in fact, studies suggest they’re actually wired that way.

    This can make it increasingly difficult for parents to find ways to celebrate them in ways that don’t embarrass or bore them. But if you’re like most of us, you’re not willing to give up trying. Here are just a few birthday ideas that just might meet your teenage daughter’s standards of approval.


    There’s undoubtedly some concert nearby happening around your daughter’s birthday. If you can find one she enjoys, surprise her with a couple of tickets to it.

    It’s always safest to take them in groups. But if she is 18 or older, you might choose to let her venture out with just her best friend or boyfriend. Or if you’re still hoping for a little time with her, just take her to the concert yourself.

    Spa day

    What teenage girl isn’t concerned with her appearance? Almost anyone would enjoy a day of massages, facials, blow-outs, and manicures. But it’s important to find the right spa.

    A high-end facility such as Bellava Spa will cater to your daughter in a way that makes her feel special. And this is a treat that you can share with her for some mother-daughter bonding. Or you can let her invite a friend or two to give her a day they’ll all be talking about for years.

    Pool party

    You don’t have to own a pool to throw your teen a pool party. Consider renting your community pool or the YMCA facilities for a few hours. These areas usually have places to barbecue or party rooms where they can eat. You can cook hot dogs or just bring the cake. The kids will make the fun for themselves.

    Silent disco

    If you’ve never heard of a silent disco, you’re definitely missing out on something unique. People at these parties all dance to music they can only hear through their wireless headphones. It’s fun to participate in, but it’s also fun to watch without your earbuds.

    These are perfect parties to throw in neighborhoods where you don’t want noise to get out of hand. But it also lends a perfect environment for the ones who want to mingle and have conversations they can actually hear.

    Outdoor movie

    Outdoor movie nights can be a blast no matter what the actual movie is. But in the case of teenage girls, it’s best to let them choose. All you need is a projector and a screen, and the screen can easily be a large white sheet hung over the fence.

    Tell them all to bring sleeping bags or blankets to lounge on the grass. And either order pizza or cook burgers on the grill. Most importantly, don’t forget the popcorn!

    Escape room

    Escape rooms have become very popular in the last few years. They create a memorable bonding experience and are always a lot of fun. But there are usually limits to how many participants can enter at a time.

    If you have a large group or just more than a little crafty, why not create your own? You can find dozens of escape room puzzles online that are easy to make yourself. Think combination locks with clues and photos with secret messages.

    Hotel sleepover

    Rent a room or two at the nicest hotel in town and allow your teen to invite a few guests. Some hotels even allow you to invite guests who aren’t staying there to swim in their pools. You’ll just have to check with them ahead of time about their rules.

    She can have a pool party, a nice meal, and maybe play some games. And then she and the friends who are staying can retreat to their room for a slumber party they’ll enjoy.