Should You Buy a Box Mod or Vape Pen?

You’re new to the world of vaping and searching for your first vaping device. You realize there are numerous types of devices, but box mods and vape pens seem to be the most popular among vapers. Which is the best one for you?

Box mods, as you might guess, look a lot like a box. Vape pens, on the other hand, resemble a pen, as the name suggests, and they make you feel like you’re smoking a real cigarette. While both devices work in a similar fashion, box mods are generally equipped with more advanced features.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features of these vaping devices, so you can have an easier time deciding what to buy for your vaping needs.


If all you are looking for is a portable vaping device is portability, a vape pen will make a much better choice. Many vapers choose pen-style devices mainly for their small size and discreetness.

Box mods, on the other hand, are larger and more irregular in size. Nonetheless, some vapers prefer them for their many benefits and features, which you cannot get from vape pens.

Box Mod

Battery Life

Due to the fact that box mods are larger, they have more internal space that can accommodate a larger number of batteries than pen-style devices. In fact, some bigger models of box mods can carry up to four batteries. With more battery power, you get a higher wattage, better device performance, and the convenience of vaping for a long time between charges.

Cloud Production

Vape pens are normally characterized by low wattage and minimal vapor production, and hence weaker clouds. Box mods, on the other hand, boast more vapor production per hit, resulting in bigger clouds, thanks to the high wattage and better performance. In fact, you can get sub-ohm vapor box mods that reach up to 300 watts and produce clouds big enough to fill a room in only two hits.


With a box mod, you have a lot of control over how you want your device to work for a better vaping experience. Namely, box mods are normally equipped with sophisticated circuit boards that give you the ability to manage various settings for your desired vaping experience.

For example, you can control how much vapor your vape box produces on every hit. With some box mod models, you can learn exactly what your specific vaping preference is and set your device to deliver an ideal hit whenever you vape.


While box mods are more expensive than vape pens, they deliver the best vaping experience thanks to their advanced features. You should realize, however, that box mods can be quite complicated for a beginner. You can get confused with the many options and settings that these devices have and may end up feeling disillusioned with vaping. It is advisable to start out with a pen-style device first and work your way up to a vape box once you get the hang of the process.