Building Brands with Anthony Scott Logan

Today, everyone wants to explore nature, to experience the world’s beauty, to ease pressure, and to have fun. We have seen celebrities go on vacations by filling their social media accounts with pictures and memories of the adventures they had with killer captions. This act of displaying your life online contributes to personal branding, wherein you create how you want to be perceived. Evidently, you would like others to see the good things happening in your life, therefore, you filter your content by which best fits the expectations others have towards you. And this should also be the case for businesses. 

CB Insights’ research shows that 14 percent of small businesses close due poor marketing skills. In order to thrive in a competitive industry, there is a need to focus on branding. Anthony Scott Logan, a brand marketing entrepreneur, explains how he traveled the world as he met new clients and new companies, which in turn expanded his brand.

About Anthony Scott Logan

Anthony Logan, the founder and CEO of Noir Agency, has been in the branding industry for several years. He has learned all the tips and tricks that can transform any person or business into a reputable brand through strategic positioning and building brands that not only stand out but stand for something. The story behind Anthony’s accomplishments began when he dropped out from art school. He then created a fashion and Lifestyle magazine called La Vida, in which he ignited its notability in two years. Afterwards, he joined a startup company,,, and headed the design department, and in two years, he left to pursue freelancing. Years after that, he formed Noir Agency.

Anthony has further worked with top-notch clients, such as Unilever, Navigator Gas, Emergent Bio Solutions, Snoop Dog, NHS, and more. He is passionate about branding and hopes to educate more people in building brands. 

Traveling the World

The pandemic was an unexpected setback for many businesses. It eventually became unsustainable to continue having a physical office for Anthony and his team, therefore he had to close it down. But, filled with optimism, he traveled to ten countries across Europe as he met new clients, formed new alliances, and contributed to several brands’ success. For this entrepreneur, traveling was an opportunity for the expansion of his brand. It was a chance to experience diversity for his business and for himself.

After traveling for months, he settled in Dubai in October 2020 and two months down the line, and he secured four clients. Some could startle at his actions, but this is merely branding. It involves creating a symbolic identity in the market. To generate that disposition, one needs to strive to be unique to be known in the market.

Noir Agency

Founded in 2017, Noir Agency has made its services known to an international audience as a branding, website, and marketing agency, which aims to create for brands of the future Their work focuses on change and impact. Rather than simply creating a logo with different shapes and hues, they integrate identity to make brands substantial. They strive to understand a company’s unique point and how they could articulate that message to the world. By doing so, it increases the appeal of a company to its target market and, consequently, to a larger population. Furthermore, the integration of purpose can help companies direct themselves towards the path they aspire to embark. Once Noir identifies the core strengths of a company, they diligently work on building the branding points from assets to beautifully designed websites to finally launching the brand to the world with an aim for a lasting impact. 


Branding is not a simple task. It requires the gradual and elaborate process of crafting an identity, from creating a logo to showcasing the meaning behind your work. It will represent your company, hence, it should encompass everything it stands for. Turn your brand into something beautiful and full of meaning, something that works for different contexts and delights the audience, and something that creates a lasting impact. Anthony Scott truly embodies the power of branding based on his story to arrive at where he is now. To access his incredible services, contact him through the following social media accounts: