Can You Use WhatsApp Web for Marketing?

    WhatsApp is one of the largest social media platforms there is currently. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp in this time. WhatsApp has a user base of millions of people. With such huge user base, you will find a variety of people on the app. You will find people of all ages, all races, all religions, and people from diverse backgrounds. 

    A database that WhatsApp has gives marketers a great opportunity for business. Marketers can conduct surveys, get data, and personally target their target audience. 

    Broadcast List 

    WhatsApp has a broadcasting list, which lets you send a single text to almost 120 people at once. Many marketers use this method of marketing. Alternatively, you can also broadcast the message without a list, and your message will be sent to everyone who has your number saved. The person receiving it will receive it as a regular message. Therefore, it will give the impression that you especially typed the message, and it helps you gain customer’s trust. 

    WhatsApp Group

    WhatsApp group is also coming across as a tool for marketing. WhatsApp group has a capacity of 50 participants. You can make different groups to promote your business. You can target the exact people who might be interested in taking your service or using the product you might be selling. You can also conduct good quality surveys through them. You add people you know in WhatsApp group, and people you know will give you more genuine reactions about your business than people who you do not know at all. 

    WhatsApp Stories

    In current times, people are also using WhatsApp stories as a source of marketing. The marketer’s post about their products and service on their stories and the people who are interested will message the marketer and have one on one chat. This is great convenience for the marketer and the customer.

    These ways, you can give better customer service to the customer, and you will get instant reactions, and you will be able to know your customers better. The customer will know the seller better, and it promotes good communication.

    Marketing through WhatsApp Web

    You cannot directly market through WhatsApp web, but you can keep track of your postings and reply to the customers more efficiently through the WhatsApp web. The marketers post on their business WhatsApp through WhatsApp app, but they keep track and reply the clients and customers through WhatsApp. It is much easier to handle your WhatsApp traffic this way. WhatsApp web lets you use reply faster because you can use more fingers with WhatsApp web rather than WhatsApp app. 


    WhatsApp has come across as the best mode of communication, but it also has come across as a great medium for marketing. WhatsApp is one of the cheapest ways to market your business and get responses to your business. It helps you in giving better customer services. Conducting surveys has become very convenient through WhatsApp.