Choosing Your Next Bedding 

With bedding preferences shifting over the years and more attention being put on better sleep, choosing the right bedding can be an important life decision. Data shows that several people in each generation are getting rid of the flat sheet and choosing a different option for their bedding, such as blankets and comforters. However, only about 32% of Americans wash their bed sheets once every week, which is what experts recommend. In fact, those who clean their sheets more often were more satisfied with their sleep. Typically people who clean their sheets once every 20 days are the most unsatisfied with their sleep. 

In terms of the characteristics to pay attention to when choosing your sheets, sheet material is important to know. It is also beneficial to know what staple length, or the length of the fibers used to create the fabric, you want. The weave and mattress size are important to consider as well. Thread count is the number of threads used in one square inch of material (both horizontal and vertical) while ply is the number of fibers used to create a single thread. Color is another sheet component to think about especially if you’re concerned about having a clean look, are looking for more color, or trying to mix things up.

Getting the comfortable sleep you need can depend a lot on the kind of bedding you choose.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding