Christmas Gifts for Sporty People in Your Life

    Buying people the right gifts can be really difficult – but it gets a little bit easier if you know at least one of their interests. If you have a few sporty people in your life that you are struggling to buy for, we’ve put together this handy list of ideas for gifts that they might just love.

    1. Shoes 

    This could be a risky play, but as long as you’re careful about it you could have a really amazing gift on your hands. While someone who’s very into running will likely have very specific ideas about what kind of shoes they want, many others who are just amateur players or play a sport where shoes matter less won’t be, and might be delighted with a simple pair of tennis shoes for Christmas. It fits in with their hobby, and saves them having to buy a new pair!

    1. Season passes

    While this is a much more expensive gift ad would probably be reserved for people you’re very close to, it can be a really amazing gift to offer someone that chance to see as many of their team’s games as they can in one season. Additionally, if you think they will take you along as their guest, you’ve also bought you and the recipient some great quality time together at least a few times in the year if they decide to go with you rather than a friend.

    1. Game tickets

    For most sports fans, there’s nothing better than actually getting to watch a game in person – especially if their favourite team or player are the ones battling it out. So if you’re hunting for ideas of what to get your sporty friends this Christmas, some tickets to a game of their favourite sport could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Whether you want to go with them yourself or buy them two tickets to take a guest of your choice, this might just be their best Christmas gift.

    1. Balls 

    With pretty much any ball sport, you can’t have enough balls. A tennis player won’t sniff at a couple of new tubes, while a basketball player – especially a kid – will always be pleased to have a spare when theirs goes running off into the naighbour’s yard. Additionally, you could even turn this into a special gift; for example, buying a football fan a special edition world cup football, or a cricket fan a signed cricket ball.

    1. Memberships 

    There are usually a cornucopia of sports clubs around every town, and if someone you know is a big sports fan it might be a fun idea to buy them a membership for a year or at least a few months as a gift. For example, a gym membership or a membership to the local tennis club will be something they will get a lot of use out of, help them achieve their fitness goals and maybe even help them to create a new circle of friends.

    Hopefully, this list has helped you to sort out what you want to buy for the sporty people in your life. Now, you just have to work out everyone else!