What Are The Common Boiler Faults?

    Breakdown of your residential boilers causes considerable misery and inconvenience to your entire family, forcing you to look to for highly skilled boiler repair engineers for right diagnosis of the problem and its rectification. Mostly boilers break down during the colder months of the year when they are used more often as compared to warmer months. While it is difficult for a layman to determine the exact nature of your boiler repairs, it is highly recommended that you have a good understanding of the common symptoms that can indicate boiler breakdown.


    Most Common Boiler Problems:

    Boiler Leaks

    The leakage of water from the boiler is a major issue that can result in the malfunctioning or non -functioning of your boilers. The technological advancements have made the modern day boilers very reliable with the provision of error message or error code in the boiler’s display, making the diagnosis and fixing up of the problem becoming easier and faster. But Still, You will need to take the effective assistance of professional boiler and heating engineers to identify the source of leaks and prevent a complete breakdown of the boilers.

    No Hot Water

    Another major reason as to why your home boilers fail to heat water includes airlocks in the boiler, low pressure, thermostat faults, faulty valves, breakage in the diaphragm unit or repairs in the other boiler components. The breakdown of any of these important components mostly leads to boiler producing less heat, which can be prevented when you opt for annual boiler maintenance.

    Freezing Temperatures

    The frequent usage of boilers in the colder months, where the temperature can dip to freezing levels is another major issue why your boilers breakdown. In the extreme colder climates, there are more chances of condensate pipes, which take water from the boiler to the outside areas of your house, getting affected due to the freezing temperatures leading to a major fault in the condensing boiler. While it is possible for you to take some precautionary measures to prevent the condensate pipes getting a freeze in the colder months, the best solution is to call the professional boiler and heating engineers before the beginning of the colder temperature months to have an overall check of the boiler and their adjoining pipes.

    Faulty Thermostat

    Boiler repair can also happen due to the malfunctioning of the thermostat, which is the major boiler component that regulates water temperature and provides the desired hot water. The problem in the thermostat control can also happen due to the improper installation of boiler, like incorrect setting up of thermostat controls. In such circumstances, a mere resetting of the thermostat by the experienced boiler and heating engineers will solve the boiler repair problem. Thus it is very imperative that you take the service of seasoned engineers in the boiler installation and repairs, to ensure thermostat is properly set up during its installation to save yourself from paying unnecessary repair bills.