Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings

    The respect for the historic buildings does not eliminate the possibility for common electrical issues. With time these issues become more evident, stressing the need for some renovation. These problems do not manifest themselves until they cause significant damage to people’s property and lives in the building. Therefore, these electrical issues require immediate attention to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones.

    The managers and owners of older buildings or property have to adopt a foresighted behavior before the electrical problems manifest themselves, to prevent them from causing any harm. Only the professionals can nip these problems from the bud and secure the safety of your lives and property.

    Following are some of the common electrical problems in older buildings:

    1.Defective wiring 

    The replacement of older, damaged or malfunctioned wires is necessary to ensure the safety of the building and the people in it. Grounded circuits play a vital role in the identification of defective wiring.

    They not only quickly detect the problem but also shut the power down to prevent any fire. Otherwise, defect wiring can initiate a fire in old buildings, resulting in severe damage to life and property.  Hence, the owners must be careful in identifying and replacing any defective wires in the building.

    2.Expired Breakers

    The historic buildings are often equipped with outdated breakers which were probably installed decades ago. Some of these buildings still use the obsolete fuse panels that are outdated and ineffective today. Hence, installing modern devices and appliances is crucial to safeguard the entire building from the risk of fire.

    3.Flickering Lights

    The older buildings with flickering lights may cause severe damage to life and property. With time the old wiring in these lights starts to lose its elasticity resulting in the flashing or flickering.

    Flickering lights are not only disturbing and annoying, but they can also burst or initiate a fire in the building due to short-circuit. Hence, it is highly recommended to replace these lights with new ones instead of repairing them.

    4.Faulty Outlet

    It is not uncommon that the electric outlets in old buildings are faulty or outdated. They may seem fine from outside, but they can be faulty from inside due to worn-out wiring and switches.

    These worn-out and faulty electric outlets are a significant cause of fire in old buildings and damage of electric appliances, so they must be replaced as soon as possible.

    5.Inadequate Electric Load

    The electrical system of older buildings can’t endure the load demanded by the variety of appliances we use today. The older electrical system with no modern modifications gets overloaded and can either short circuit the electric appliances connected to it or initiate a fire in the wires.

    The outcomes of overloaded circuits can be devastating and cause significant losses to life, money and property. Hence, old electrical structures must be critically inspected and fixed or upgraded to avoid any complications.

    6.Ceilings and Walls

    The older buildings with wiring in walls or ceilings can cause significant issues in these buildings’ electrical systems. This sort of wiring is complicated and demands careful handling and regular maintenance. This complex system’s modernity is somewhat essential to guarantee the protection of the building and the people who reside in it.

    To maintain and replace the wires in such buildings, one must drill small slots or cavities in the ceilings and walls to pull the wires out through these spaces. However, laypeople must not carry out the replacement and maintenance of such wires and hire professionals for this job.


    The problems mentioned above that are common to old buildings must be identified and solved by a professional electrician’s help and advice. If you’re located in Vancouver, then you can always contact a professional electrician in North Vancouver to help you resolve your electricity problems for good. They have the right tools and the best people to get the job done. They are committed individuals who can solve your electricity related problems effectively.