Common Health Problems That Affect Veterans as a Result of Mesothelioma Cancer

    Asbestos exposure is the only known cause that leads to mesothelioma cancer. Cancer can take very long for it to be accurately diagnosed in a person because the exposure of toxic fibers from asbestos takes between twenty and fifty years before they begin to show the symptoms.

    The disease will grow after a person has inhaled or ingested microscopic asbestos fibers. After the fibers have entered into a person’s body, they will embed in the lining of the internal organs, including the lungs, abdomen, or heart. Early detection, according to reports from Mesothelioma Veterans Center, is directly linked with improved patient prognosis. The average age for men is 75 years and 72years for women. Typically, the older a patient is affected by cancer, the shorter their life expectancy will be. Here are the common problems the older people face as a result of this rear cancer

    It affects the immune system

    The older people who have been exposed to asbestos, their immune systems functioning can be reduced significantly. This will lead to a rear condition called retroperitoneal fibrosis, which, if they fibrous mass, and continue to form a lining in the abdominal cavity area, will lead to kidney failure.


    When a person starts undergoing radiation therapy to treat mesothelioma cancer, the more they receive the treatment, the more they become tired and fatigue. A person who goes for radiation therapy must start observing a healthy sleeping routine schedule and gentle activities that will not make them feel tired. Get help from family members doing specific duties and activities and rest as much as possible and avoid activities that cause stress.

    Irritation at the treatment site

    Radiation to kill the cancer cells lead to side effect on the skin of the patient. As the radiation penetrates the skin to find the tumor, symptoms like dryness, peeling skin, irritation, redness, itches, and blistering will show up. The good thing is that after completing the treatment, most of these symptoms will heal. However, in some instances, a patient skin may be affected and become sensitive or discolored permanently. They may also lose hair at the treatment site.

    Pleural effects

    Inhalation of asbestos fibers leads to non-cancerous abnormalities which align in the chest cavity of a person. It has affected 10-6 % of asbestos workers who were exposed to microscopic fibers. It may take 20-30 years before a person starts to notice the symptoms of pleural plaques. When they start showing up, the test will show excess fluid deposit between the membranes that envelop the lungs’ area and may lessen the efficiency of the inspiratory muscles.

    Laryngeal effect

    Asbestos exposure has also been found to meaningfully cause a rise in laryngitis incidence in some studies conducted.

    Finally, when you discover that your life has been affected by continuous exposure to asbestos fiber, it would be best that you find help on how to file for an asbestos trust fund. Your needs will be taken care of, and your family members will also be compensated if they are also affected by the same exposure.