Crunching the numbers: top alternative financial careers

    We all know the standard careers in finance that you could choose to follow. Working as a banker, stock trader, FX trader, hedge fund manager or accountant, for example, are well-known routes to a career in this sector. But what if you want to do something different that still lets you work with numbers? 

    The great news here is that there are lots of alternative careers you could choose to follow instead. All offer something different from the usual finance roles while still allowing you to do what you love. Whether you are just entering employment after finishing college or are looking at potential careers in order to plan your future education, the below are some cool alternative jobs to consider. 


    One of the best financial careers to think about moving into is insurance. This is an interesting sector and is perfect for anyone who is financially minded. Insurance actually covers a wide range of individual roles, so you can easily find one that suits you best. From data analysts working for insurance companies to advisors, brokers, claims handlers and claims inspectors, there really are a lot of options to consider here. 

    As with many financial sectors, you will need the right qualifications in place to follow many insurance careers. This often means obtaining specialist qualifications on top of any financial diplomas or degrees you have. If you wish to help clients stay protected from any legal liability claims made against them from damage to someone else’s property, for example, you need to be licensed in property and casualty insurance. If you are wondering how to get a license in this area, property and casualty insurance license classes are the best answer.

    The military 

    One alternative career for anyone who wishes to serve their country is to follow a financial career in the military. This will give you plenty of chance to use your head for figures and finance skills to help keep the world safe. A financial career in the armed forces would usually involve you looking after contracts, basic financial management duties and providing financial forecasts to superiors. This alternative career is also superb if you like to travel as you would have the option of moving around to various postings if you wish. 

    Non-profit charity 

    In the modern world, more and more people want a career where they can help those less fortunate. This not only helps to make the world a better place but will also give you a great feeling of job satisfaction. One way to work in this sector and still follow a finance career is to get employed by a non-profit charity. Working in these organizations will usually involve analyzing their accounts, looking after budgets, and dealing with day-to-day financial tasks. From massive non-profits such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to smaller ones in your local area, this is a great idea.

    Online oddsmaker

    The very foundation of betting on eSports or normal sports is odds. This is true for online bookmakers such as Betfair, William Hill or Bet365. The odds they carry and regularly update do not happen by accident though. All will employ a team of oddsmakers who use their numerical skills to calculate odds that will help them profit in the long term. Online betting is huge globally and is set to explode in the US now that sports betting is being made legal in many states. If you want to use your financial skills in a career that is fast-moving and exciting, then this could be for you. 

    Financial consulting

    For those looking for something a little different, financial consulting is worth thinking about. This allows you to use your numerical and analytical skills to help businesses that may be struggling or need help to grow. By examining their finances and analyzing what the best course of action is, you can prove invaluable to them. Consulting is often done on a self-employed basis, so you also get to be your own boss and potentially earn much more than if you work for someone else. This is a good choice if you like a sense of freedom and to pick which jobs you take on. 

    Don’t assume you have to follow the herd

    It is easy to follow the set trends when thinking about which financial careers you would like to follow. While there is nothing wrong with this, doing something a little more unexpected is preferable to many. If you want a hand with finding alternative careers in finance to move into, then the above gives a great head-start.