How is the Pandemic Impacting the Construction Industry?

    It seems like almost every industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. But what about construction? Most states have continued to keep up with construction projects, as they have been deemed essential. However, the industry could still see a bumpy road ahead.


    In the state of Arizona, Governor Ducey recently extended the stay at home order, luckily though, construction is still essential. With Phoenix and the rest of the state of Arizona booming when it comes to construction, the pandemic hasn’t slowed it down yet. But other parts of the country might experience a little shift.

    Other States

    States like New York and Washington did in fact put all construction projects on halt. But California and Nevada continued with their construction, including the $1.9 billion Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. In Kansas City, they also continued with their $1.5 billion expansion.

    New Safety Guidelines

    Even though most projects have continued through these uncertain days, new safety guidelines are in place at major construction sites. This is due to it being hard to shut down big construction projects with the economy in such a fragile state.

    It is also difficult to halt construction projects and then restart it efficiently.

    Across the nation, there are approximately 680,000 construction employers with over 7 million construction employees. And with all of those employees, there are about $1.3 trillion in new construction structures each year.

    Even though things seem to be running pretty smoothly in the construction industry, there may be some issues that do come along thanks to the pandemic. Only time will tell, all depending on how much longer this pandemic will continue.

    The government has stepped in to help businesses, including construction businesses, who are struggling by passing a $2.2 trillion economic stabilization package to help those find relief.

    Working with a Construction Lawyer

    If you are working on a construction project, you should seek advice from an Arizona construction lawyer. Especially during the pandemic, things could be a little different. To ensure you are protecting your business and project, the team at Murphy Cordier PLC, located in Phoenix, has the experience and skills to help you properly prepare for a construction project, from obtaining a license to reviewing contracts. And they will be with you until the very end, to make sure the project is done efficiently and effectively, with no legal issues.