David Koonar Shares 5 (Inexpensive) Cameras New Photographers Will Love

    No matter how skillful you are in photography, there’s one fact that will always ring true: a photographer is only as good as their camera. Yep, even the most skillful photographer will have a tough time if their camera is lacking.
    And flipping the lens (yes, pun intended), a photographer can take much better pictures, if they choose to upgrade. David Koonar, a professional photographer from Canada, has been through it all when it comes to his cameras.

    He’s tried plenty of different cameras, and now, Koonar is sharing some of his expertise, along with five (inexpensive) cameras new photographers will love.

    David, why did you decide to become a professional photographer?

    I always loved photography as a hobbyist. Living in Canada, there’s tons of natural beauty for inspiration, and I loved traveling around the country taking photos of the gorgeous landscapes and animals.

    Making the choice to become a professional photographer was an easy one, because it truly was my passion in life.

    Tell us about your work now.

    Now, I do all different kinds of photographic works, but I’m also focused on education. There’s essentially what we call a new generation of social media photographers trying to make a name for themselves, and I know exactly what that’s like.

    I share a lot of tips for new and up-and-coming photographers on my blog, to help them become experts in the craft.

    Why is a photographer’s camera so important?

    Your camera is your lifeline when it comes to photography. The better you understand its quirks and habits, and the better you can manipulate it, the better your photos will be.

    Of course, even inexpensive cameras are an investment, so when you pick one, you have it for a while. It’s important to carefully research your cameras, and feel confident in your choice.

    You want your camera to elevate your photography, not hinder it.

    What are your five favorite inexpensive cameras new photographers will love?

    There are plenty of great cameras out there you can get for a pretty affordable price. The Sony DSC-H300 20.1 Megapixel will run you less than $200, the Cannon PowerShot SX540 HS Long Zoom is about $250, and Kodak has its PixPro Astro Zoom Digital Camera for less than $130.

    If you’re willing to spend a bit more for a worth-it quality jump, the Nikon D3500 may be the best beginner DSLR that is out there, and it’s around $500. Another top-quality camera for an affordable price is the Sony Alpha a6000, which has great specs and will cost you about $350.

    How can new photographers learn more from you?

    I share a lot of tips and tricks about social media photography, lighting, camera settings, and even photography basics on my website. I recently spoke about six overlooked things all photographers need to consider.

    I love helping new photographers get their start, and sharing the knowledge that I’ve picked up along my own journey.

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