Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    When people get injured, whether it’s from a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, or even medical malpractice, they might start considering whether or not they need to hire a personal injury attorney. Many people want to handle their personal injury claims themselves because they think it will save them time and money. But in reality, hiring an attorney is often the best thing to do when you have a personal injury claim. So when should you really consider hiring an injury attorney?

    Signs you need to hire an attorney

    When it comes to deciding whether or not to hire an attorney, one of the first things people should consider is the extent of their injuries. After any type of accident, you should always seek medical attention — whether it’s urgent care services or heading to the hospital in an ambulance, medical attention can assess any injuries. This is important not only for people’s well-being, but for also for any potential personal injury claims down the line. 

    If someone sustained serious injuries from the accident, whether they were immediate or were minor injuries that turned into more serious ones later on, consulting a personal injury lawyer can be beneficial. Medical bills can add up quickly and a personal injury claim settlement can help pay for them. This is especially important for long-term injuries or injuries that resulted in a permanent disability. A lawyer can help evaluate medical bills and records and build a strong case for fair compensation.

    Another sign that an attorney should be hired is if liability isn’t clear. Some accidents may involve several parties who could be responsible for injuries. For example, if someone is involved in a trucking accident, the truck driver, the truck manufacturer, the inspection company, and even the company that owns the transported goods could all potentially be liable for the accident. In these cases, it’s best to work with an attorney, because determining fault can be extremely difficult.

    Working with insurance companies can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to personal injury situations. And if the insurance company representing the at-fault party is not offering a fair settlement, or is refusing to offer a settlement at all, this is when an attorney can be crucial. Attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to build a strong enough case and work with insurance companies to ensure their clients get the fair settlement they deserve.

    Key benefits of working with a lawyer

    You’ll find endless benefits of someone choosing to work with an experienced attorney rather than trying to handle a personal injury claim on their own. One key benefit of working with a lawyer is being able to ensure any claims are filed within the statutes of limitations. You only have a certain amount of time to file a claim after an accident, and lawyers understand this time limit so they can make sure the paperwork is submitted on time. Otherwise, someone may miss out on being able to file a claim.

    Another great benefit of working with an attorney on an injury claim is that lawyers can significantly improve the chances of receiving fair compensation. Navigating the legal process can be complicated, and people may not be able to build a strong case on their own. An attorney will know how much a claim is worth, what kind of evidence is needed, and how to deal with insurance companies. This will result in the best chance possible of fair compensation.

    All in all, hiring an attorney for an accident that resulted in serious injuries or damages is one of the best things you can do. Filing a personal injury claim can be an overwhelming process, and having an attorney to help will make the process easier.