End of Summer Tips

    Almost everyone is in love with the sunny summer season. It is the season that you are the most motivated to eat healthily and workout regularly to show off your bikini body. The sun starts off your morning as it shines while rising through your window, waking you up to a sunny morning. Then, the sun starts coming later in the mornings and fades out before the day is finished.

     Staying Happy as the Summer Ends  

    • Keep Your Exercise Routine Going

    Your exercise routine should continue to be as bright and energetic as the sun. The enthusiasm for working out should not fade away with the sun. The sunny summer season will be back next year before you know it. Set goals for your self next summer. If you are a size six, then make your goals to be a size four next summer.

    • Keep Your Diet in Order

    Ensure you are eating foods that make you feel energized all day long. Perhaps you should add whey protein to your diet, or super green foods supplement. Perhaps eliminate how often you eat a chocolate candy bar if it makes you feel tired. Do not reject your favorite treats completely. Just eat that candy bar when you do not need the energy, such as right before you go to bed.

    • Collect Pictures of Rays of Sunshine, Frame Them and Put Them on Your Walls

    You would probably find some unique images of suns at flea markets and thrift shops. You can also look for sets of several suns and paint them yourself. If you cannot find anything you like, buy some canvas boards. Draw and paint pictures of sunshine using glow in the dark bright fluorescent paint sets.

     End of Summer Cleaning Tips 

    If you love summer so much, then you want to keep images of the sun in your life as much as you can. Clean your patio or balcony with lemon scent cleaning products. The smell of lemon automatically brings mental images and reminisces of the sun. Does your patio need a new coat of paint? Paint the patio bright sunny yellow.

    Wash down the outside of your house. Your house can look shiny and new by washing off all of the green layers stuck on the bricks that fell from the trees and plants. Your home will look brighter, lifting your spirits into a sunnier feeling.

    Summer may be over, but you do not have to put your bright summer sunny swimsuits and booty shorts collection away. Wash them in a detergent that brightens their colors. Keep the spirit of summer alive in your living space by organizing your bedroom so that you see your summer beach wardrobe every day. Do not stuff away from your swimsuits in the back of the closet or dress drawer. Are there any of your swimsuits you do not want to wear anymore? Have them made into a big comfortable comforter or blanket.

     Fall Comes and Your Utility Bills Fall  

    In the windy fall season, you do not have to run your air conditioning continuously. Fall can bring enjoyable weather. A gusty breeze is continually blowing outside, which can be just as pleasant as the sun itself. Open your windows and doors during the day and the night, allowing the wind to blow in the breeze. Turn off the air conditioner.

    Fall is a great time to call the Direct Energy company and have them come to your house and give you a solar light estimate. They have happy and satisfied customers in all 50 states. Let the sunlight up your home during the day; keep the lights going during the night. Ensure your air vents and air filters are clear and not blocked. The air conditioner runs hard most of the time in the summer. The hotter the temperatures are outside, the harder the air conditioning runs as it is continuously pushing the dust and other pollutants through the air vents and filters.


    As summer comes to an end and fall comes in, you realize things are not going to be the way they have been. Going from summer to fall is a subtle change. You can still spend a lot of time outdoors. You can beat the summer blues by preserving the last few days of summer doing exactly what you dreamed of doing during the pre-summer springtime. Did you work on that suntan outside like you planned to do? Did you take those surfing lessons? Do not let one more year of your life pass you by without spending the seconds and minutes doing what you want to do.