The Achievements that Take Equities First Holdings to the Top

    Equities First Holdings is at the top of the lending industry, and it has been there since 2002, so its first-place position appears to be very stable. This company has been taking steady steps forward in the financial sector ever since it has been in business, and it has accomplished several financial goals.

    American banks have not been lending as much money as they have in the past, and potential borrowers must meet even more stringent requirements now. If they can manage to do that, they are being charged higher interest rates.

    Equities First Holdings is a new type of lender that allows people to borrow money by putting up stock in their companies as collateral. These loans are advantageous to the borrowers because they provide them with a fixed interest rate between 3 percent and 4 percent, and this offers them stability throughout the lives of their loans.
    These loans also have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans.

    These loans are incredibly beneficial to borrowers in one other way as well. They are “non-recourse loans,” so borrowers have the option of walking away from their loans even if the stock used as collateral for the loan has gone down.

    While traditional banks are running from potential borrowers, Equities First Holdings is actively seeking these people, and the group of people they are most interested in helping is the one populated with borrowers without the means of qualifying for traditional business loans. Most banks are not offering these people the money they need to move their businesses forward, and those that are willing will only offer them the highest interest rates.

    Equities First Holdings’ Integrity

    Equities First Holdings is enjoying so much success because it has a large group of people with whom it is doing a lot of business, but this success can also be attributed to Equities First Holdings’ integrity. Other firms have offered stock-based loans in the past, but they have done so in an unscrupulous manner. For example, these firms dumped the collateral they received from their clients onto the market. The stocks eventually matured, but the firms refused to return the stocks to their rightful owners, and this is not the only issue.

    Equities First Holdings has proven itself to be different by acting with integrity and being transparent at all times. The firm also pays close attention to industry laws and regulations so that it can provide its clients with a maximum amount of benefit with as little risk as possible. This is how the firm ensures that its clients can meet their personal and professional financial goals.

    Demonstrating how different it is from other firms, Equities First Holdings made a public announcement after Paysafe Group recently finished making its interest payments to the firm. As a rule, Equities First Holdings returns its clients’ stocks to them in five business days. The firm believes that this tactic will mean that Paysafe Group will come back to Equities First Holdings if it needs money in the future.

    Equities First Holdings’ Place in the World

    Equities First Holdings is the leader in Europe amongst stock-based lenders in an industry that has been growing significantly in recent years. From the beginning, the firm had plans to help people all over the world, and it currently has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Bangkok, Perth, South Africa, Singapore and Hong Kong. Equities First Holdings’ headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    The growth of Equities First Holdings is demonstrating the fact that people are giving up on obtaining traditional loans. The firm’s client base has been steadily increasing, and the company is growing at an exponential rate. So far, Equities First Holdings has conducted transactions in the amount of $1.4 billion, and the company doesn’t believe that it is going to stop there because the number of people in need of an alternative lending source is currently increasing.

    Equities First Holdings’ Services

    The firm’s main services are as a lender for individuals and other financial institutions. These services have been especially popular in Europe where the firm can offer extremely low-interest rates. Founder and CEO Al Christy stated that his firm made more than 700 transactions since it first opened its doors. The American market alone received approximately $1 billion.

    Equities First Holdings recently designated $30 million to be used for development and research projects in India. The money went toward improving the energy and mineral technology in that country.

    Equities First Holdings makes it easy for clients to obtain the money they need for their businesses. This means that a new client does not have to engage in an application process like the traditional lenders require of their applicants. The process for Equities First Holdings only takes 24 hours.