Essential 2020 Guide for Christmas Shopping for Mom and Dad

With the 2020 holiday season fast approaching, many Americans find themselves wondering what to do about gift-giving considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It can be especially challenging to figure out what to give older relatives like parents and grandparents who are likely still spending more time at home than they did at this time last year. 

This is especially true for those who won’t be able to visit their relatives in person for the 2020 holiday season. Below are some thoughtful gift ideas that can make the lives of parents and/or grandparents easier while encouraging social connection through technology.

Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Most Americans in all age groups own smartphones that they use frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, smartphones easily attract germs and bacteria. PhoneSoap 3, a company that manufacturers smartphone cleaners that utilize ultraviolet light, states the typical smartphone contains up to 18 times the amount of harmful bacteria as a public toilet. Wiping it off with a cleansing cloth is one thing but cleaning it with UV light for at least 10 minutes represents a higher level of sanitation.

The recipient of this gift just needs to place their smartphone inside the cleaning case and plug it in. The device will make an audible sound when it’s time to remove the smartphone. With people’s hands constantly touching their smartphone and the concern over contagious disease at an all-time high, gift recipients should appreciate this thoughtful gesture. A clean and sanitized phone also makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones without interruption.

Personalized Massage Device

People who regularly received chiropractic adjustments or massages may not feel comfortable going in for appointments just yet. Additionally, some practices remain closed while others have reduced hours and significant restrictions on staff and patients. 

A handheld massage device with multiple speeds and the ability to change the head to apply different types of pressure could really come in handy this holiday season. It should help to relieve the aches and pains of the shoulders and lower back from sitting more than normal along with other areas of discomfort.

People with a larger budget who want to spoil their parents or grandparents could consider getting them their own massage chair. The chair works the back and neck muscles while the person using it just sits back and relaxes. Some versions massage the legs as well.

Earbuds to Enhance Hearing

It is common for people to gradually lose some hearing ability as they age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to invest in hearing aids costing thousands of dollars. Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX can make the ideal solution. 

The earbuds pair with a smartphone application where users establish their own sound profile. Users can also choose to block out competing background noise to focus only on the person speaking in front of them. These features make sound quality especially sharp while making it easier for users to focus on conversations.

Using a companion Bluetooth streamer device, IQbuds2 MAX users can connect with the television audio set to better hear their favorite movies and programs. The person with slight hearing loss can independently control the sound of the television through their earbuds from a smartphone application. Having this ability means the TV won’t be too loud for others in the room but exactly right for the recipient of the Nuheara earbuds.

Exercise Equipment for In-Home Use

With reduced capacity at gyms and some older people feeling not quite comfortable being around groups of people, at-home exercise equipment can make a great gift. Whether it’s a treadmill, stationary bicycle, or something simpler like hand weights, having access to regular exercise helps to keep everyone healthier. 

Parents or grandparents should especially appreciate the gift of home exercise equipment when the weather becomes too cold or uncomfortable to take an outdoor walk during the winter.

GPS Tracker to Keep Tabs on Fido

Pets can make wonderful companions for people who live alone or just with their spouse. Without children in the home any longer, dogs and cats quickly become part of the family and the daily routine. 

It can feel devastating when a pet wanders away from home and owners don’t know where to even begin looking for them. With the gift of a GPS pet tracker, the recipient can establish parameters their pet needs to stay within. If the pet ventures outside the boundaries, the tracker sends an alert about the pet’s current location.

This holiday season may be like no other, but the need for human connection never changes. Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever despite the circumstances.