Essential Online Tools For Nonprofit Organizations

    When considering how fast-paced and highly competitive today’s digital world is, it is absolutely essential to utilize online tools if you are planning on staying ahead of the competition as a nonprofit organization. However, there are simply so many online tools that are easily available on the online market, which can make it quite challenging to determine which tools would be most suitable for a nonprofit. Countless tools seem to boast seemingly similar benefits, while others are somewhat too costly for nonprofits. To best determine which tools are most suitable for your nonprofit, you should establish if platforms boast a discount for nonprofits as some are willing to offer as much as a 50% discount with proof of official nonprofit status. You can also opt for online tools that boast free versions as another effective method of narrowing down your selection. To help narrow down your search for the most appropriate and beneficial online tools for your nonprofit organization, we have compiled a list of top-rated tool that will be suitable for most types of nonprofits.

    Time Tracking Software

    Nonprofit organizations should be tracking time, especially if your nonprofit is offering certain services, such as counselling, medical services, or even food services. This is because tracking time will help you best stay organized and on top of tasks such as meetings, hours dedicated to the cause, and how your volunteers have been assisting. Time tracking systems can help streamline and simplify nonprofit functions and help answer pressing questions. However, it is best to opt for time tracking software that is compatible with QuickBooks. While QuickBooks is incredibly popular accounting software, your organization can definitely benefit from utilizing nonprofit time tracking software that is compatible with QuickBooks as integrating tools will add to the simplicity of business functions. 

    Within your organization, you will be able to rely on time tracking software to allocate costs accordingly for programs and services. You will also be able to review accounting and time tracking reports as well as make use of accurate data. It is always recommended to evaluate features and functions to determine which will be most useful to your nonprofit.

    Donation Tools

    Online donation software is a great choice for nonprofits as a simply innovative technology that has been created to assist mostly with nonprofits. However, online fundraising has become quite popular, which means that you should take the time to sift through candidate choices to establish which tools would be most suitable for individuals and which would be more fitting for organizations. However, once you have settled on a donation tool that you find easy to use, you will be able to streamline the process of finding funding through this software. As there are a few options available on the market, you should assess each tool and determine which is best, although, when considering that most of these tools serve the same purpose, it may even be worth your while to host fundraisers across several platforms for a more effective fundraising strategy. However, you should consider relevant pricing as this would be an aspect that affects how many tools you will be able to utilize.

    Communication That Eliminates Emails

    Finding yourself buried under seemingly endless streams of emails can be extremely overwhelming, which is why so many nonprofits find communication platforms so appealing. There are various options available, although, you should only consider platforms that offer a free version that does not limit your features and functions too much. The platform will serve as a workspace for you and your colleagues as well as your volunteers, which means you will be able to rely solely on the platform for communication rather than having to hunt for emails. 

    Social Media Management 

    Everyone who is anyone is active on social media, which is why your nonprofit should have a strong social media presence. However, when it comes to managing your social media presence, things can get somewhat tricky, which is why you should consider the benefits of social media management tools that will help simplify the task of scheduling posts, collaborate with your nonprofit team, and even interact with your online audience. The cost of these tools can range from $0 to roughly $15 per month, although, business plans can be more costly. You should always consider the cheapest accounts when utilizing tools to keep your nonprofit’s finances in order. You will be able to find tools that offer significant discounts for nonprofits, and all you will need to take advantage of such discounts is your official documentation to support your nonprofit status.