Everything Included In Your Jeep Lift Kit

There are many advantages to buying Jeep lift kits. The first is that they have the ability to change your life, and that’s not something you can truthfully say about many products. By lifting your machine a few inches, adding some impressive tires and tweaking the drivetrain, you can head out into the country and have an amazing adventure. Depending upon your aspirations, you could soon be confidently crawling up slopes you once knew better than to tackle with a standard suspension.

Also, lift kits are the ultimate in convenience, as they gather all of the needed components in one package. Depending upon the system, this could consist of shocks, struts, extensions, spacers, lift blocks, U-bolts and other hardware. There is no guesswork, no opportunity for missing a part or buying the wrong piece.  Each part will be there for you, engineered specifically to work with your upgraded suspension system.

Quality Lift Kits Enhance Performance and Looks

While it might seem too much to ask for with an upgrade, the optimal lift kit for your rig does some heavy lifting. It immediately transforms the look of your machine, and it improves performance in several ways. A Jeep WK lift kit in the 4-inch range is often the sweet spot when it comes to road performance and off-road enhancement. The right system like Rough Country’s 4″ suspension with lift kit with premium N3 series shocks comes with the following improvements:

  • Blend of off-road performance and smooth highway ride
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
  • Nitrogen charged shocks
  • Tubular transfer case for proper driveshaft angles

As with all quality lift kits, you will get all the parts you need to complete the job. This includes front and rear lifted coil springs, front and rear lower fixed control arms, all hardware, front and rear extended sway bar links, four premium shocks and a rear track drop-bar bracket. Quality parts and expert installation will ensure the longevity of your upgrade.

Performance Parts From Top Manufacturers

When looking for the parts that will deliver performance and keep your machine from stranding you out in the bush, a trusted manufacturer is a necessity. You know with Rough Country lift kits that you are going with a known quantity. They offer hundreds of lift kits that fit a variety of vehicles as well as the demands of different drivers, from the cautious to the bold. Rough Country also has your safety in mind, building parts that perform at those critical times when you are pushing the limits miles from the pavement.

Rough Country lift systems also come with a solid manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a range of price points, so you can fit your latest upgrade into your budget. You can get leveling kits that raise your suspension by an inch or two or you can go for something epic with lift kits in the five to six-inch range. Now is the time to shop online and get the highest quality parts at the most affordable prices.