What To Do If You Wake Up Tired After 8 Hours Of Sleep?

    In the modern world, people pay little attention to their health. In addition, such a factor as fatigue after sleep is ignored in most cases. Moreover, this is not right. Each doctor will tell you that fatigue in the morning can indicate serious illnesses. Therefore, if your fatigue has passed to a chronic regime, you should immediately consult a doctor, and we will try to prove to you that this is an important point for which you are obliged to pay attention.

    Why You Wake Up Tired After 8 Hours Of Sleep

    Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired After 8 Hours Of Sleep

    1. Depression or stress is one of the causes of fatigue. A modern person is constantly exposed to fears throughout the day and may not notice it, but the nervous system reacts even to a small stress factor. As a result, the organism accumulates stress and prevents the production of hormones, which are responsible for positive reactions and gradually the person is plunged into depression.
    2. The level of sugar in the blood. Fast snacks, fast food, and other harmful eating habits entail an increase in sugar in the human body, which causes drowsiness and lack of energy.
    3. Health problems. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, but still wake up tired after 8 hours of sleep, then perhaps this is a signal about a more serious disease, which does not show its signs. A hidden disease can take away your vital energy.
    4. Biological rhythm. It turned out that the reason is that people have shifted their sleep time about natural rhythms, as a result of which sleep has ceased to be beneficial. Scientists from the University of Boulder (Colorado, USA) made this conclusion. “The clock of biological clocks that should keep pace with the rhythm of nature is broken,” explains Professor Leon Luck. – And “in the foot” means to go to bed after sunset and get up with its sunrise. Therefore, our ancestors lived, and so they were not tormented by insomnia, stress, emotional overload. Nevertheless, with the advent of electricity, humanity ceased to obey the biorhythms. Artificial lighting has disturbed sleep. We can go to bed deeply after midnight and get up by noon. The biological clock is very fragile and very important. They are a special structure hidden in the brain in the hypothalamus. They have a course of 25 hours, not 24 hours. Therefore, every morning we must wake up with the rays of the sun, which help to restart, “adjust” the molecular clockwork of the organism to the local light cycle. And from the sunlight depends on the development in the blood of the hormone melatonin, which regulates the time of sleep and wakefulness. Approximately two hours before sunset, the amount of melatonin increases sharply, and by morning decreases gradually. Also, if a person did not go to sleep at a time determined by nature, then after a late awakening, the level of this hormone remains high for several hours, and the person feels sleepy, relaxed, and tired. This is the true sign those diurnal rhythms are violated in the body.

    Tips For Improving Sleep Quality

    Healthy Diet

    The effect of eating on sleep can be enormous. You must have experienced sleepless nights and experienced a sensation of heaviness in the morning after a heavy meal. The overabundance of alcohol, coffee and heavy, difficult to digest food before bed can affect dreams. The right choice of food before bedtime is important for well-being and helps fight obesity. American scientists found that sleeping problems arise from excessive consumption of sweet and fat. In the course of the experiment, a group of scientists asked 13 men and 13 women (with normal body weight and usually sleeping seven to nine hours a day) to spend five nights in the laboratory of sleep. The researchers then made sure that during the first four days the experiment participants adhered to a strict diet-ate a lot of nuts, vegetables, cereals, a hundred We decided to exclude from the diet fat and sweet food.

    The fifth day was declared “free”: men and women could make their menu, not restricting themselves in either chocolates or hamburgers.

    In the course of the experiment, the scientists found out that with proper nutrition, the participants in the study fell asleep and started a new day rested and full of energy. On the last day, when men and women ate too much fat and sweet, and also did not provide the body with enough fiber, they woke up tired, and their sleep was shallow and often interrupted.

    Healthy Diet

    Drink Clean Water

    Water before bed helps to maintain health at night because right now people do not drink, but the body let it be slower, but it consumes liquid. However, everyone faced insomnia from frequent trips to the toilet at night, as well as with edema in the morning after large infusions of water, wine or other liquid before going to bed. Therefore, only people who have no problems with kidneys and insomnia after frequent awakenings can drink water before going to bed.

    Drink to sleep water in large quantities is not necessary so that the glass will be an acceptable dose.

    At night, he will fill the level of hydration at the proper level, which will prevent the risk of dehydration.

    Therefore, it is necessary to drink water before going to bed, to get better sleep and feel healthy and vigorous. You can not deprive yourself of liquids, and throughout the day, so it is advisable to make it dosed so as not to stretch the stomach, and at certain times to accustom the body.

    Use Only Comfortable Mattresses and Blankets

    American scientists from the University of Berkeley found that the cause of poor sleep can be not only external stimuli, an improperly furnished bedroom, health problems, a lost biorhythm chart, stress, and overeating, but an incorrect mattress.

    In a practical study, several dozens of men and women took part, who slept on their usual mattress, and then on a mattress with the correct rigidity of the filler. Both in the first and in the second case, the subjects recorded indicators of the quality of sleep, irritability, pain in the back and head.

    The result of the experiment was that the overwhelming majority of participants from the group of 60 people noted in their entries: properly mattresses significantly improved the comfort of sleep, helped to get rid of back pain and even the consequences of stress.

    Before the experiment, about 90% of the participants also noted that the comfort of sleep is important for them, but not everyone thought about changing the mattress, which they thought was good.

    For healthy young people and middle-aged people fit hard or semi-rigid mattresses. Elderly fit those models that reduce the burden on the joints during sleep. Make sure to compliment your mattress with one of the good weighted blankets in cold weather.

    If the sleeper has problems in the field of orthopedics, then the mattress should be chosen only after consulting a specialist. It is especially important to pay attention to the quality of the mattress in case the mattress is selected for a child or a teenager.

    In addition to the inconvenience of a bad mattress can cause stretching of the muscles, problems with the spine, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. On an uncomfortable mattress, nightmares can often occur, and the overall quality of sleep and rest is significantly reduced.

    Fortunately, today you can buy a quality mattress without difficulty. There is research made by John Breese when he recommends the best mattresses for night sleep in 2017-2018. There is a variety of different mattress types which were manually reviewed by his team.

    comfortable mattress

    Physical Activity

    Physical culture and physical labor are the most natural means of dealing with chronically lowered blood pressure. Therefore, in the off-season, especially for people with hypotension, it’s best to start the morning with gymnastics, for example, the eastern one, which will help to awaken the body. Also, try to spend an hr or so everyday at Gym as that will help you to boost some calories and you can even take rad 140 which has some great benefits for reducing body fat and improve your overall activity level.

    One of the main factors for the emergence of reduced pressure can be professional working conditions. According to Japanese researchers, the incidence of chronic arterial hypotension is particularly high among bank employees, reaching almost 40% in men and 55% in women. People do not usually complain about hypotension.

    Even half an hour of ordinary physical education a day, prevent many health problems.

    • The effectiveness of therapeutic exercise consists of dosed stimulation and in special exercises that alter the tone of skeletal muscles, increasing the level of blood pressure.
    • Provides a reasonable combination of respiratory, power, speed-strength and gaming exercises, exercises in balance, coordination and relaxation, static stress.
    • Special attention should be given to respiratory gymnastics.
    • And if you follow all these simple rules, every new morning you can get up with joy, feeling rested and full of energy.

    Monitor the Room Temperature

    Scientists conducted an experiment in which they revealed that the best temperature for quality sleep is 18-21 ° C. But if the room is too hot or too cold, the sleep will be restless and with frequent spills. What do you need to do to protect yourself from bad sleep? Ventilate the room if the house is hot, and do not cover yourself with warm blankets. If it is cold, turn on the heater (for a short while to warm up the bedroom) and put on warm socks to avoid hypothermia.

    Neutralize the Outside Noise

    Even in sleep, our brain continues to process the information that comes to it. Because so often we cannot fall asleep because of a lot of annoying street noise (car sounds, the drunken laughter of passers-by), neighbors screaming and unnecessarily noisy work of home appliances. How to learn to ignore extraneous noise? Put the music with the sounds of nature, rain or rolling waves of the ocean. This will help reorient attention and quickly fall into a dream.

    The amount of sleep does not guarantee you quality and you can wake up tired after 8 hours of sleep. Take into account our recommendations, try to change the image of your life, make it healthier and more comfortable, and you will wake up cheerful and happy in the morning.