Tips To Find The Right Measure of Your Bra

    Bra is one of the most every day and essential pieces of female clothing. It is used to enhance and support the bust, while giving them a much more rounded shape.

    Being a piece of basic use, it is a serious problem that many women spend a lot of time using a bra in the wrong size. It is much more common than it seems to see girls using a bra with a band much longer than they need and a much smaller cup, or vice versa. The constant use of a bra with inadequate measures can influence the shape of the breasts, since the latter gradually adapt to them.

    Avoiding this problem is not such a simple task; The bra usually comes in a lot of sizes, where both the band and the cup are taken into account. However, each woman has totally different measures, and in addition, standard measures may vary according to the manufacturer.

    Right Measure of Your Bra

    The ideal is to determine the size from the use of the bra, to see which is the most appropriate. Sometimes it happens with a bra 36b becomes a 38a when using another brand. However, having a determined measure greatly facilitates the process; it is enough if you determine, theoretically, which is the correct size that you should use and then try several bras in this size to check that they fit you really well.

    Something fundamental to bear in mind – and that many women take for granted – is that their bra size may vary. The breast also changes when our body weight increases or decreases, and therefore, conform to the standard measure, our bra size may vary from time to time. This, like the rest of our proportions change, and this is the reason why we must update our sizes, all our sizes.

    How Do You Determine What The Size of Your Bra Must Be?

    Tuffwomen provides a table of measurements and conversions where it is possible to pinpoint exactly what each woman should look for in a bra. In some models or for some brands there is not so much variety in sizes. However, having the correct measurement it is much easier to do the conversions, or at least look for the common standard measure closest to our ideal size.

    To begin with, we must determine the measure of the band. For this, it is enough that you do the following:

    • Place your measure tape around your torso, right at the bottom edge of your breast.
    • Lower your arms. The tape measure should pass just below the breasts, parallel to the floor and close to the body.
    • Take the measurement and write down.
    • To that number, you must add 5 more. The result that you get (if the result is even) will already be the measure of your bra. If an odd number remains, then you should enroll it down to an even number.
    • Now it’s the breast time. For this, it is recommended that you use a simple bra, which fits very well to your breasts. It is much easier to take the measurement in this way, since the flexibility of the tissue makes it difficult to take a really exact measurement.
    • Surround your breasts now with your measure tape. Place it as parallel to the chest as possible (try to do this in front of a mirror) by passing horizontally through the nipples of your breasts.

    Right Measure of Bra

    And How Do You Determine The Cup?

    Very good, you have the values ​​of your frame (or band) size and the circumference of your breasts and now? Well, the most important step of all: It’s time to determine the size of the cup.

    This is much simpler than it seems, but the truth is that the vast majority of women do not know this information completely. Simply take both measurements and subtract them (starting with the Brand size measure) and that’s it! With this measure, you can now locate the size of your glass:

    • If the difference is 1, then the cup is A
    • If the difference is 2, then the cup is B
    • If the difference is 3, then the cup is c
    • If the difference is 4, then the cup is d
    • If the difference is 5, then the cup is DD

    With these data at hand, it is only necessary to locate them within a standard measure chart. Now you can be sure that your bra will be more than good, without hurting your breasts.