Finding Your Forever Home in Florida

Florida has long been a popular spot for tourists and vacationers, but is now becoming a hotbed for long-term residents as well. The population has increased in almost every major city, causing the population of Florida to surpass the population of 17 U.S. states. The residential housing market has exceeded $3.8 billion in value, as thousands of new homeowners are moving to Florida.

The recent Florida boom is fueled by changes in remote work, housing, and overall quality of life. The availability of work is increasing and employment rates are at an all time high for the state. Housing prices are dropping and new construction applications are abundant. Finally, the overall quality of life, driven by the pleasant weather throughout the state makes Florida the perfect destination for many hopeful movers.

It is important to carefully consider wants and needs when deciding on a forever home. However, these decisions can be difficult to make alone, which is why many services are available across Florida to help movers with their home-buying journey. From mortgage help to down payment assistance, one is never alone in their search for the perfect home. A search that thanks to these services, is streamlined and cost-effective.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?