FlowerBomb TV Shows There Is No Single Way to Find Success in Art

    For those who are looking to find success in the field of art, most people believe that there is only one path. The vast majority of people start painting, sculpting, or working in the art field as a child. Then, they go to college where they refine their artistry. The good news is that art has a flexible field. There are plenty of ways to find success in this industry. Furthermore, some people have an entirely different career before they transition into art. That is exactly what happened for FlowerBomb TV, who has become one of the biggest up-and-coming names in the art industry. She has had a unique journey on her way to becoming the artist she is today.

    In order for someone to be a successful artist, they have to have a source of inspiration from somewhere. In some cases, this might come from the world around them. In other cases, this might come from people in their life. For FlowerBomb TV, her inspiration is the career that she enjoyed before becoming an artist. Prior to becoming an artist, she worked as a nurse in the ICU. Specifically, she spent time in the NICU.

    The NICU a difficult place in which to work. This is a place for premature babies and babies with chronic medical conditions spend time before they go home. Even though many babies who spend time in the NICU end up leading completely normal lives, there are some babies that never get to leave the hospital. Therefore, it is easy to see how this type of work can be stressful. It was this kind of work that drove FlowerBomb TV to become the artist yesterday. She drew on her time in this field as a source of inspiration, driving her to refine her artwork.

    What started off as a hobby has turned out to become a second career. Eventually, FlowerBomb TV decided that she had had enough of the NICU. She decided to dedicate herself to her art full time. Now, she describes her art as mixing pop and modern style. Her acrylic lips are incredibly unique and have garnered a large following for her on Instagram. She is able to design her artwork to match just about any need. In particular, she is known throughout the community for her unique use of Swarovski Crystals. Even though FlowerBomb TV is still relatively new to the world of art, she has become an overnight sensation. It will be exciting to see what she does next. Even though she is grateful for the time she has spent in the medical field, she is excited to pursue her career as an artist.