From Fishing Apps To New Bobbers – 2019 Fishing Trends In A Nutshell

    Fishing is one of the oldest food catching strategies in the history of humankind, but that doesn’t mean that it has remained unchanged over the millennia. If you’re the type of angler that prefers to embrace technology and all the advancements it can offer to tip the odds in your favor, these new trends will convince you to make them part of your life.

    Stinky baits are in

    Anglers might get more intelligent with time, but fish are not that stupid either. You may have to listen to fishing stories from old fishermen when you go fishing to a new area, to glean from this type of conversation what lures and baits to use. Forget about all that advice if you don’t have the time to chat. Use stinky baits instead.

    Sprays with additives that only fish would like are now available. You need to get over the fact that these are really stinky. Just spray some over your baits, and you’ll have fish battling over them.

    Single hooks are now more popular than trebles

    As an angler, you know that choosing the right lures is essential to your success. You will find more and more people swearing by single hooks as being more effective than trebles. Some even say that you will discover that unhooking your caught fish will be much more convenient than when using trebles, so your work is cut tremendously, and you get to enjoy your fishing trips more.

    Fishing bobbers that look like the real thing

    Your quest for trendy tackle gear doesn’t end here. You will also need some new fishing bobbers. These have gotten to the point that they look like the real thing when you cast your line into the water, and fish don’t suspect a thing. Instead, they are fatally attracted to them, so make sure to have some of the new models added to your collection.

    Dress to impress

    Whether you are shopping for female waders or a new pair of boots for a male angler, you will discover that some fashion trends concern people with a passion for fishing this year. Fishing vests go with fishing hats, and your sunglasses must have UV protection. Even fashion magazines offer some suggestions, so, if you want to dress to impress, don’t hesitate to browse through this year’s selection from reputable manufacturers.

    Fishing apps

    If it exists, there must be an app for it. In case you don’t want to part with your smartphone for the duration of your trip, at least find a purpose for it that includes fishing one way or another. And one way that’s suggested in 2019 is to have installed on it the latest fishing apps.

    These will give you info on where the biggest catch may be, weather forecasts, and the possibility to set up goals and follow them. As long as your fishing buddies don’t care that you can’t part with technology for the duration of your trip, take your smartphone with you and check what fishing apps are available.

    Fishing simulators

    It may not be the same thing as fishing, but it’s as close as it gets without leaving your home. For the times when you can’t plan a fishing trip due to various obligations, a fishing simulator game may just provide you with the right type of entertainment.

    Created to cater to people who have never gone fishing, as well as to seasoned anglers, these games can be a lot of fun. Their popularity is also on the rise, and you may not surprise your friends when you tell them that you like playing such games on your phone.