Fun Ideas for Date Night Inspiration

    Whether you’ve been together for a while or you’re still getting to know each other, date nights are an important part of any romantic relationship. Creating the perfect date night can help fan a spark, remind someone how much you care, and create lasting memories you’ll both cherish over the years. 

    If you’re struggling to come up with a good date night idea for your special someone, look below for a few creative date night ideas that are sure to please both you and your significant other. 

    Explore a New City

    If you’ve been on a couple of dates already, try adventuring outside of the normal and explore a neighboring city together. Find a new favorite restaurant, tour their town square, or visit a museum. Visiting a neighboring city that’s unfamiliar to you both is a fun way to play tourist and experience new things together without breaking the bank on an out of state trip.

    Develop a New Hobby

    Pick a hobby that sounds appealing to you both but that neither of you have ever tried before. You can take a pottery class, go rock climbing, play soccer, or test your skills on an instrument. It doesn’t matter what you do or if you’re any good at it. All that matters is that you open yourselves up to new adventures and have fun. 

    Let the Music Move Your Soul

    Jazz clubs are a perfect date spot if you want to get cozy. They’re romantic, intimate, and sexy without putting too much pressure on the date. Sip cocktails, enjoy soul-moving music, and dance the night away in your lover’s (or future lover’s) arms.

    Test Your Knowledge

    Pub trivia nights are a fun choice for date night, because they’re laid back, energetic, there’s booze, and you can learn a lot about your date. Who knows, they might have a well of knowledge about movies from the 80’s that you find fascinating.

    Make it Up as You Go

    If you want to get really creative, take your date to an improv class. Remember, it’s all about having fun and making memories, so be as goofy or bad as you want. Unless either of you have stage fright, improv is a great way to loosen up and bond with each other in a stimulating environment. 

    Laugh Until it Hurts

    A sense of humor is a great quality in someone you’re dating. Romance is important, and passion is a huge plus, but you want to find someone who can make you laugh on hard days. A great way to find out if your date possesses this quality, take him/her to a comedy show. Laughing together is a great bonding experience, you can talk about the show afterwards over dinner, and you’ll know if your date can take a joke or gets offended easily.

    Enjoy an Old-Fashioned Evening

    Almost everyone loves a movie theater with surround sound, a big screen, reclining chairs, and good snacks. But there’s something special about the nostalgia of a drive-in movie. If dinner and a movie is your typical date of choice, spice it up a little by enjoying it the old-fashioned way.

    Behold the Future

    If you’re both bold, brave, and looking for an adventure, you can have your fortune told by a psychic or participate in a tarot card reading. Looking into your future together (even if you don’t take the reading serious) can be a fun way to spend the evening. It’s not a common date, so you’ll get points for creativity, and who knows, you might get some good news. 

    Indulge Your Inner Child

    If you want a night of fun, relive some of your favorite childhood moments and visit an arcade. The two of you can compete at different games throughout the night, and the winner can buy the other a prize at the end of the evening.

    Sing Your Heart Out

    Who doesn’t love watching their date drunkenly serenade them from the stage? Karaoke is a fun one-on-one date, but it is also a great group date idea. Gather your friends or other couples and take turns singing out of tune, drinking beer, and cheering each other on as you tackle the biggest songs to ever top the charts.

    Planning a date can be stressful when you’re nervous or out of ideas. Hopefully this list will relieve some of the pressure. Whatever date you choose, remember to relax and have fun. Dates don’t have to be perfect in order to be memorable. It’s all about the company, the laughter, and the memories the two of you make together.