Get the Most Out of Your Money In a Subscription Deal with These 6 Tips

    Because business owners know how we think, and know that we want everything to be at our reach and easy to access, this is why they’ve provided a service known as a subscription deal. The cost of these deals don’t seem intimidating at first, but once we’re subscribed to a service we find ourselves stuck in the rabbit hole and already subscribed to other services, so the costs will add up. No need to worry though, there are some tips that will help lessen the costs.


    When we subscribe to any program, we’ll usually find an auto-renew option. This option can lead to an unexpected charge, even if we’re not using this program anymore. Here’s how we can opt out and not owe them anything, if we’re subscribed to an Amazon prime account and we’ve got 30 free trial days, that means opting out before the trial ends. If it’s already past 30 days then it’s best to make sure we’re not signed up for auto-renew.

    Stay on track

    It’s easy to lose track of our subscription deals, especially if they’re many. Checking them every once in a while can be both tiring and time-consuming. There are many apps that will help with that, and keep track of monthly charges. Sometimes the company sends you many products that you don’t use and already have paid for. So instead of having them send you multiple products, target your money only towards that product that you like.

    Milk it

    Subscription services provide useful, unique deals, so make sure to use them all. For instance, more than one person can share a Netflix account, and they also provide gift cards that can be added to our accounts. Other subscription deals promise us $10 if our friends join in the same service.

    Dish Tv Network

    There are current specials for new Dish Network customers, they provide services such as:

    1. 190+ channel packages (HBO, Stars, Cinemax,etc.)
    2. Free installation
    3. Free HD
    4. 2-Year price guarantee
    5. Smart DVR


    We’re all mostly subscribed to Netflix, so it’s important to remember these tips:

    1. Cancel during inactivity
    2. Set the “save cell data” on your account
    3. Share an account
    4. Netflix DVD service

    The DVD service will cost $8 monthly instead of a $12 premium monthly deal.


    Audible provides an amazing service where we can buy any book we want, and listen to it anywhere. We could be listening to a book of our choice while driving or taking a shower. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

    1. Use your credits
    2. Suspend your account instead of canceling it            
    3. Get the daily deal

    An Audible Daily Deal offers the best-selling audiobook, and the best part is that the price usually ranges from $1.95 to $4.95.

    Enjoy your subscription

    Subscription services are very convenient and wonderful to use; it’s nice to have something to look forward to each and every month. But because there’s always a catch, we have to keep track of our accounts!