Going For Car Insurance Claim – Have A Look At Some Dos and Don’ts

    All of us dream to own a car and that too the one which is trending in the market. While buying a car, we need to look at some things like features of the car, its color, capacity, quality and many more. When we are putting so much efforts plus a huge amount in buying the car, shouldn’t we insure it so that our effort and money is never wasted.

    Car insurance is an important step towards safeguarding it from any harm. Therefore, it should be your utmost priority to get the best insurance policy for your car and protect it. But every process comes with certain dos and don’ts and set of regulations. Even while going for car insurance claim you need to have these things in your mind.


    We have listed out certain things that you need to do and certain points that you need to avoid while filing car insurance. Have a look at them below:

    Dos For Filing The Car Insurance

    Many recent studies clearly state that most of the road accidents are due to car accidents. The insurance policy is a protective net of financial safety for all the damage that might occur. In this situation, you must have detailed knowledge on how to file a claim. Just make sure that you have all valid documents including the driving license.

    • For filing a claim, a first information report (FIR) is compulsory. As soon as any road accident occurs, you need to call the police. This information is further used by the insurance provider like General Insurance for the task of processing the claim.
    • Once FIR is done, next task is to contact the insurance company. They have a window of 24 to 48 hours from the accident time.
    • Then, read out all your policy documents to figure out what all expenses will be covered in the claim and what all will not be covered. You can also go through the company website to get all the information properly. Companies like https://www.generalinsurance.com/ have 24-hour helpline service to assist all the customers.
    • A picture is capable enough to describe the entire scene. So, click maximum photos of the scene and all the damages that happened to your car so that it becomes easy for you to claim and clear any queries in future.
    • Make a proper note of an entire conversation that is happening between you and the policy provider for any future assistance.


    Don’ts For Filing The Car Insurance

    • Never run away from the accident scene and do not even move the car or let other party’s car move away.
    • Never go for any informal settlements else you won’t be able to make any insurance claims. Do a proper FIR and proceed further.
    • Never get angry or lose temper in such a situation. Call the policy and policy provider immediately to clear out the situation.
    • Don’t get indulge in drink and drive, it is a serious offense, and if got caught, you will have to bear a punishment instead of getting any claims.
    • Never give anything in written to your policy provider before you clearly understand what all things are covered in your policy. First, consult with legal people before signing any documents.

    It is better that you get a proper consultation from some lawyers to get a better understanding on filing the insurance for your car so that any issues can be avoided in future.