Google Maps API Alternatives for Your App

    Multiple of today’s apps include diverse location solutions one way or another. The GPS option is now essential to order taxis, for instance, to travel, to find a restaurant to have dinner. Even entrepreneurs enjoy geolocation advantages – stores love the possibility to inform customers who are close-by the facilities on special offers for them. APIs will do such magic.

    Right now we shall explore the essential Google Maps alternatives which you should take seriously. Here’s our list.

    # MapBox

    MapBox is a robust mapping platform that entered the market in 2010. Its iOS version was launched in 2012. Currently, MapBox collaborates with such well-known world leaders, as Foursquare, MasterCard, CNN, IBM, The Financial Times, etc.

    Shall we carefully consider what MapBox as a representative of location-based and mapping solutions offers? It’s something you might be curious about.

    What MapBox delivers

    • Mapping. MapBox supplies with always relevant, up-to-date and speedy maps.
    • Atlas, which is the infrastructure mappings.
    • Navigation. Users are happy to enjoy MapBox since they can plan their itineraries being instructed on the most favorable options.
    • Searching. Customers enter their destination address to obtain necessary coordinates. What could be easier?
    • Studios. That’s something special. Individuals may design a very own style building a one-of-a-kind map. It’s possible thanks to customization solutions. Right before launching such a special design, people will see the final result comparing it to the original map.

    # ArcGIS

    ArcGIS is a decent API instrument. Its primary purpose is to handle geography data, say, collection, organization, analysis, and distribution of location info. In effect, ArcGIS represents a certain infrastructure that could be applied to generate maps.

    ArcGis is extremely valued among other location-based programs. It has acquired an impeccable reputation. ArcGIS is in most demand among entrepreneurs, governors, scientists, and media professionals.

    What ArcGIS delivers

    • ArcGIS Pro is to convert info to maps and important geolocation data; to map and to visualize in 2D/3D formats; to edit and to analyze location details, etc.
    • ArcGIS Online runs location analytical instruments, custom maps, controllable graphic information, and others.
    • ArcGIS Enterprise represents a sophisticated geospace control system. It ensures safe and multi-customer deployments, strong automatization instruments, assessments of geodata normalities and abnormalities, etc.

    By means of OAuth ArcGIS can ensure simple-in-application identification management together with content security. That sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

    # TomTom

    Here’s another reliable mapping service to consider. Its owners have taken great pains to develop an impressive program. The audience prefers taking advantage of maps’ studying, destination finding, traffic condition monitoring and the like by means of TomTom.

    What TomTom delivers

    • Searching API. TomTom is designed to assist customers in locating various facilities and objects.
    • Mapping API. It’s all pretty clear. Users are to enjoy statical as well as dynamical maps. Such maps are very trustworthy.
    • Route API. TomTom is very convenient for making itineraries. It supplies details on traffic status giving information in accordance with transportation means.
    • Traffic API. While making travel plans the knowledge on traffic conditions helps users think everything through carefully. This is exactly what TomTom does.
    • Mapping SDKs. Such an indispensable tool is required for easy and fast TomTom integration into any services. Given service is available for Android, web, and iOS.

    Will 75.000 searching operations every month be enough for you? Then TomTom is free of charge.

    # JawgMaps

    Let us present you with one more trustworthy locations-based service. JawgMaps is proud of its multiple valuable parameters. Given solution shows maps, plans routes, locates required targets, and so forth. JawgMaps owners did their best to come up with a platform to facilitate location data managing.

    What JawgMaps delivers

    • Mapping. JawgMaps proposes two options: customers can design their own custom maps, or they could enjoy already-created solutions.
    • Geocoding. Given program helps out with locating places via their addresses or the other way around.
    • Routing. JawgMaps is to set up the best possible itineraries.
    • Metrics. Mentioned service is applicable for location details analysis.

    Moneywise, such mapping platform has various packages. Customers only have to choose the one to satisfy their requirements.

    # SygicMaps

    Sygic has been improving its service over the last fifteen years, and now it has presented a remarkable GPS navigating solution. Having over 2.000 customers around the globe, Sygic is striving to provide each of them with the most accurate digital maps.

    What SygicMaps delivers

    • GPS Navigating. Mentioned program is calculating the path through GPS positioning, as well as coordinates which were received from other 3rd party sources.
    • Traveling Maps. Tourists can apply the service to enjoy modern technologies allowing them making several level maps with certain objects marked on them. By the by, such a tool is appreciated not only by travelers.
    • Vehicle-connected Navigation. The program is to predict how the traffic situation could evolve providing recommendations for car and truck drivers separately.
    • Family Locators. Parents always worry about their children, and SygicMaps shall tell them where their loved ones are. The built-in chatting possibility will help them communicate.
    • Velocity Cameras. They serve to secure and ensure safety for drivers and pedestrians.

    Great API helps the integration be fast and smooth.

    Moreover, SygicMaps makes it possible to access maps through cloud storing, enjoy sophisticated searching, design commercial purposes itineraries, simplify car parking schemes, etc.

    Being an open source solution SygicMaps API could be applied together with OpenStreetMaps, TomTom or other similar services.

    The program is also proud of its geocoding and self learning autofill functionalities.

    # HERE

    The last but not the least HERE emerged in 2016. Its SKDs are to deal with maps via Android and iOS mobile services. In such a short time the platform managed to become a decent rival to Google Maps and other big market players.

    It’s an outstanding location based solution, and Nissan together with BMW had a change to experience its service being pretty satisfied with the results. HERE really has got something to offer its audience.

    What HERE delivers

    • Mappings. For such type of services it’s a default feature.
    • Searching & Geocoding. Geocoding is a fantastic instrument to locate sightseeings, shops, mountains, road intersections, street numbers, etc.
    • Navigating & Routing. Simply displaying maps is no longer enough for today’s customers. The audience also needs some tips and hints on the best routings.
    • Vehicle Park Telematics. Mentioned feature is a part of the advanced package option that was designed specifically for high ranking projects which require certain fleet managing systems.

    HERE provides 3D facilities display and graphical pictures of some attractions. Furthermore, the night vision is available, and the traffic could be seen as well. SDKs allow caching maps in the memory of a specific gadget. That’s a great news, since providing that customers can use maps even when Internet connection is cut off.

    Those are the most credible and dignified alternatives to Google Maps API. Checking their parameters shall help you choose the one to conform to your requirements to the best advantage.