Gordon Crosbie-Walsh Appointed Equities First Holdings’ New Asia CEO

    Global asset-backed finance company Equities First Holdings has announced its appointment of Gordon Crosbie-Walsh as the new CEO Asia. This appointment takes effect immediately. Gordon will have a new role that will require him to manage the operations of Equities First Holdings throughout the entire Asia region. But it is not just operations management that will be important. As CEO, Gordon will also be tasked with the duty to focus on the development of business throughout Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the Mainland China area.

    For more than 30 years, Gordon has worked to gain experience in the financial services sector. Some of that experience includes equity research, chartered accounting, investment banking, and equity sales. All of that experience will be brought to his new role as Asia CEO, so he can use his considerable experience and skills to provide Equities First Holdings with the quality it looks for in a leader. That will translate to making sure customers get the best from their interactions with the company, in order to help the company and its clients advance their financial future successful.

    Before he joined the Equities First Holdings team, Gordon was involved with investment banking. He led several businesses in this sector in Asia, which included Jefferies Asia and CM Financial. At Jefferies Asia, Gordon was the head of Equity Capital Markets. Before his venture into leadership at Jefferies, he was in senior leadership at the Equity Capital Markets division of JP Morgan. Prior to that, he worked for over a decade as a managing director and Head of Equity Sales at Salomon Smith Barney and Deutsche Bank. His long and detailed career in the investment banking and financial services industries will help Gordon excel in his new role at Equities First Holding, an take on any challenges given to him as CEO of the Asia market.

    Al Christy Jr, the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings was very pleased to have Gordon on board in his new role. He indicated in a statement that the track record Gordon has makes him just the right candidate to take over as CEO of the Asia business. Additionally, Christy Jr believes that Gordon is uniquely qualified to take the business in that region to the next level and make it into more than what it has been in the past. While Equities First Holdings has expanded well in the region, there is more that the company could do to help clients in that location. Gordon will have the skills and necessary abilities to make that into a reality for the company.

    Christy Jr went on to say that Gordon has a deep understanding of the progressive capital business and the regional market where he is now CEO. That makes him a natural fit for that role and will enable him to start implementing any needed changes right from day one of his efforts. The innovative model for investments that is used by Equities First Holdings is able to overcome more traditional financing methods, where clients would receive non-recourse capital on terms that were competitive and would exchange that for collateral or assets. Because of the model the company uses and the way investors operate in the Asia region, Equities First Holdings feels that Gordon will be a great asset to that location and the company’s needs there. 

    Speaking from his location in Hong Kong in regards to the announcement, Gordon Crosbie-Walsh said it was an honor to be appointed as a CEO by the company. He went on to state that he had always respected the firm for its unique approach to an investment model. Asset owners who are underserved and seeking more efficient means of procuring capital often find Equities First Holdings’ model to be the best fit for their needs. That ensures relationships that are beneficial to both parties, and that allows the company’s clients and partners to seize business and investment opportunities that are important to them quickly and efficiently. Gordon looks forward to working with the Asia team and global leadership of the company as they all work together to move Equities First Holdings to higher and better success and performance levels for the future.

    Learn More About Equities First Holdings

    Equities First Holdings is a global investment company focusing on a unique model of ensuring its partners and clients can get the capital they need to make investments that will keep them moving forward. The company is wholly-owned by Alexander Christy Jr, who is an American financier and entrepreneur. Currently, the company is managing more than $1 billion USD of proprietary capital. This is done through a public equities portfolio handled by the company and designed to work with their business model. Management of the public equity portfolio is also at the core of the firm’s strategy for investment.

    The construction method the firm has used to create the portfolio it manages is based on financing that is equity backed. Equities First Holdings is a worldwide company in scale and has provided capital to hundreds of clients. Its progressive capital offerings have gone to investors, corporations, and other types of shareholders who are focused on the long-term strategies in their lives. Incorporated in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Equities First Holdings has expanded internationally. There are currently 12 regional offices, all of which operate in major world financial markets.

    Subsidiaries of the company are either registered with their local financial regulators or licensed, as required by local laws. This includes subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Australia. In Hong Kong, Equities First Holdings is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission. Its CE number is BFJ407, which is issued for the Regulated Activity of Dealing in Securities. Equities First Holdings is committed to ensuring the best options and opportunities for all of its partners and clients, in order to provide everyone the company works with the maximum ability to expand and grow their companies, investments, and financial futures.