Great Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday Party

    Any parent who’s planning a birthday party naturally wants it to be a successful one. It’s a chance to show your creative side and do something great for your child and all their guests.

    It’s easy to fall into a slump and do something similar to last year, especially if you get trapped into doing a “seasonal” party based around the time of year. But if you really want it to be memorable, it should be something different and preferably with your child’s interests in mind. There are plenty of great party ideas out there, so here are just a few potential ones.

    Glow in the dark

    A party can be exciting without having to break the bank. Something as simple as turning the living room into a party stage can be great fun. Using a black light, glow sticks, and strobe effects (so long as you check with parents to make sure all the kids can handle strobe lights) can turn an ordinary room into a crazy dance party. This party idea is generally appropriate for any age and gender, and it can be paired with other themes and ideas to enhance the fun.

    Let the venue do the work

    If you don’t have enough space at home, or if you just aren’t feeling confident in your abilities to entertain, there’s certainly no shame in letting professionals handle things. There are the old tried-and-true options of pizza parlors, skating rinks, or miniature golf courses. If your child has fun at these places, then by all means, go for it.

    If you’re looking for something more personal, though, consider some alternatives based on what your child is interested in. If they like animals, then zoos and farms can be a great choice. If they’re creative (as most children are), you may consider something like a science center or music studio. If your child is a little older, then a sporting event or age-appropriate concert may be in order. If you’re still having trouble finding the right location or deciding what to do, there are some good party apps that can help you out based on your area.

    Themed party

    A themed party can be a lot of fun, especially if your child and their friends share the same interests, which there’s a good chance they do. If they like the fantasy genre, then it should be fairly simple to provide guests with toy swords, wizard wands, and other appropriate items. You might give everyone the chance to make crafts like armor or magical artifacts at the start of the party. You could even go with a king throne chair rental for the guest of honor. You can also gift a beautiful hand-made card to your child by watching easy art on Youtube.

    Of course, superheroes are wildly popular right now. If your child has a favorite superhero, you could throw a costume party where everyone dresses as their favorite hero or villain. Just be sure to lay some ground rules for pretend fighting and monitor things closely to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand.

    Professional entertainment at home

    If you have the room for it, then you don’t necessarily have to go to a venue to get professional entertainment. Why not bring it to your home? The classic idea of hiring a clown probably comes to mind, and if your child would like that, then fine. Of course, there are plenty of other options.

    Professionals can be great for themed parties in particular, as they can come disguised as beloved characters passing themselves off as the “real thing”. For music lovers, you can often find local bands or cover artists who will perform for reasonable prices. Professional decorators can really spruce a party up as well, and most kids tend to get a kick out of face painters.

    Whether you’re doing a budget party at home, a big affair elsewhere, or anything in between, there are plenty of ways to throw a party that gets remembered for years to come.