How a Handheld Translation Device Is Making Trust and Human Connection The New Currency

    Anyone involved in business knows trust is the greatest currency. Trust is the foundation of every success and every business’ ability to connect with consumers. It is what keeps customers coming back and it is what makes the framework of a global business possible in the ever-globalized world. With the trust of its communities, businesses are reaching new territories and extending their message across physical borders. Although, the language barrier is ever present and it is creating real obstacles to the currency of trust.

    Why Businesses Are Getting Lost In Translation

    According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, of the 572 senior executives interviewed, a whopping half reported issues with the language barrier and challenges with misunderstanding. Sixty-four percent of all subjects stated that these communication challenges negatively impacted their plan to expand globally in the future as well. Perhaps it all comes down to trust. How may we communicate about the things that matter, our families, our interests, and ambitions, for example, if we don’t speak the same language? And how may we build relationships and the foundation for trust, without these deeply human conversations? Lacking quality communications, trust is being diminished and businesses are getting lost in translation today.

    The New Age Solution For Better Communications

    Luckily, this is where AI technology comes in. With amazing new advancements in Artificial Intelligence, specialized devices are creating two-way conversations for us and enhancing the ways we communicate across cultures. Langogo, the world’s first two-way translation device is one such example. Utilizing the best in voice recognition technology, Langogo is capable of connecting users to over 60 different languages, accounting for close to two-thirds of the world’s population. Not only is it improving translations, it is improving human accountability and trust.

    Correcting Information Asymmetry In Global Businesses

    The unfortunate truth is that travelers are often at the mercy of businesses. Ask anyone about a travel experience and they are likely to tell you at least one story along the lines of ‘getting ripped off’ or being left in the dark about the terms of a transaction. It is a case of information asymmetry and travelers are beginning to feel vulnerable, used, and hesitant to trust businesses in their future travels.

    Now, with the help of AI technology, travelers and communicators across the world are beginning to take back their power and offer their trust on the basis of accountability. Working together, travelers and businesses are able to overcome communication challenges and communicate on a more human level. The possibilities are tremendous in the leisure and travel industry, and for the individual traveler, it provides the most valuable thing of all, peace of mind. In a taxi, ordering a meal, checking into a hotel, or negotiating prices, travelers are more empowered than ever. They are now more confident to create connections and to travel further both in geography and in cultural understanding.

    Langogo is available to cross-cultural families, business owners, and anyone who may benefit from enhanced communications. With Langogo, we are transforming the business of trust and human connection is our new currency.